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  1. Anyone reloading 7.62x25 for Tokarev (M57, TTC, TT-33)

    Really tempted to pick up a Romanian or Yugo TTC from classicfirearms.com. $219 plus S/H to my C&R seems hard to pass up, but ammo is a problem. It's not as abundant in small quantities as it used to be. All I can find on AmmoSeek are 800 and 1200 round cans of Czeck or Romanian surplus. I'd...
  2. Anybody heard from Southern Reloading lately?

    Survival/Preparedness/Self Sufficiency
    I haven't seen Randy post anything in the last couple of weeks. Does anyone know if he is OK?
  3. Good (inexpensive) sources for reloading supplies near Brandon?

    Looking for bulk 9mm lead bullets for practice rounds primarily for Steel Challenge, Outlaw Steel and IDPA (Which is seriously fun!) Thanks, John
  4. Reloading for my revolver 38 vs 357

    Want to start reloading for my revolver and lever action, I manly shoot 38's in both of them. So I got to thinking is it better to load 38's or just load 357's light? My thought is the the 357's will be a little cleaner since the case fills more of the cylinder on the revolver (may be a mute...
  5. Reloading nickel

    Anyone load nickel rifle brass? Was told ya can't resize it bc it's to hard. Is this true? Got a bunch of 300wm nickel once fired I'm sittin on.
  6. Ideas for Temporary Reloading Bench

    For 2 years I’ve been piecemeal assembling the components to start metallic reloading. I’ll have all I need to get started later this week. For 4 years I’ve been building a work shop in my back yards and It’s still not finished. I’m no carpenter and with our tight budget, money to throw at the...
  7. Reloading organization

    So id never take a picture of what my old reloading room looks like.. You would never know it was used by any human nor even be able to figure out what it is..... That being said, I now have quadruple the space and counter top space in my new place. I was thinking about organizing by caliber...
  8. Looking for reloading assistance

    I’ve been handloading for about 6 years now, mostly 9mm, 357 Magnum, and 223 Remington, but a little 45ACP, 30-30 and just started 308 Winchester a few months ago. This issue concerns the 223. My standard load is 23.5 grains of H335 with a 55gr bullet seated to 2.230. I never really paid much...
  9. Thoughts on reloading

    General Firearms Discussion
    Guys, we have reloading and bullet casting rooms here and there are tons of other sites devoted to these things. Not to take a swipe at MSGO, but probably the best cast bullet reloading forum out there is Cast Boolits. Like everyone else, I started shooting long before I got into reloading, but...
  10. Mosin Reloading

    Finally chrono some reduced loads. Didn't shoot to bad either, as I was able to shoot a 1.09" group at 50 yards with a 2-7x LER scope. Not real used to the LER scope but like it pretty good. I like this load but its only pushing 1720 fps, so I need to work it up till I'm getting about 2400 fps...
  11. Powder Hopper Upgrade

    Is your powder hopper cloudy? How about a larger hopper? A fellow reloader sent me to a site that sells pyrex replacement hoppers. Here's the website: DRAM WORX I haven't purchased one yet, but others that have said it was a quality product.
  12. Reloading MENTOR needed on Coast!!

    I'm wanting to get into reloading for my .308. Would like to know if anybody on the Coast would be willing to show me the right way to reload? I like counting with 10 fingers!!!
  13. Reloading 9mm

    Resizing and depriming 9mm brass tonight. Mixed range so I usually find some 380 auto mixed in. It’s all Win, Fed, Blazer, or S&B. Check the pics below. The cases on the outside are Win, while the cases on the inside are S&B. The two on the left are 9mm. The case on the extreme right is 380...
  14. Reloading for an AR Pistol

    Gonna load some 55 grain FMJ’s and 69 grain SMK’s to try in a 7-1/2” AR pistol. I’ll be using CFE223. Should I do anything “different”, or just use standard rifle reloding data? Thanks!
  15. New Reloading Bench

    Well, I washed my reloading bench - and it shrunk!!!
  16. Getting new reloading room

    We finally got smart & are leaving Hinds County. We're moving to Rankin County out in the country next month. In the back of garage is a workshop that's going to be a great reloading room & maybe a little bit of workshop. Can't wait to get it set up & going.
  17. Reloading AR-15 223 Help

    I'm looking to load some 55 grain Sierra Game Kings for my AR for hog hunting. These will be for up close work when there are lots of little ones and I'm looking to take multiple shots quickly. Got other guns set up for bigger hogs (AR-10) or long range shots (too many to list here). I'm...
  18. Hornady Reloading Kit

    My son called me a couple of weeks ago and said Academy in Flowood had some of their reloading equipment and supplies on clearance. He said they had a great deal on a Hornady Reloading Kit. I assumed he was talking about kit with press, scales, powder measure, etc. I didn't need any of the...
  19. Reloading Giveaway to support Veterans Organization

    Starline Brass is doing a giveaway for 2 Reloading Prize Packages. One dollar from EACH ENTRY AND one dollar from EACH ORDER goes to America's Mighty Warriors, an organization that honors the sacrifices of our troops and the fallen and their families by providing programs that improve...