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  1. Reloading/Ammunition
    Thanks to Mr Clean looks like I'm going to be reloading a new calaber. Got brass and bullets ordered. Anyone have experience and or recommendations on loads for 200 gr FTX and Sierra pro hunters? I have a variety of medium burning powders plus some LeverEvelotion. Hopefully the LE works...
  2. Long Guns
    I recently acquired another Remington 721. The 721/722 Remington’s are my absolute favorite rifles. They were everyday working rifles, nothing fancy but strong and economical. They were the predecessor of the 700 and I like them better than the 700 series. When I received this one it had about...
  3. Gunsmithing
    About 14 years ago I bought a Remington 11, the barrel is marked 16ga I had planned to try it one day but never got around to buying 16ga ammo until last week, on the first shot the barrel wedged in the reciever HARD, I thought it just needed cleaning so today I took it down and cleaned it...
  4. General Firearms Discussion
    Let’s give this a try.... I grew up in Wiggins but live in Texas now due to work. I’m looking for a gun someone on here might have or have one similar. It’s a Remington 760 carbine in 270 caliber. My dad had it when I was growing up and it was his favorite gun ever. He had to sell it around the...
  5. Handguns
    I’ve got this slide sitting in my parts box that my granddad had on his GI 1911. I found the original Ithaca slide in his parts stash. This was obviously one he bought somewhere along the line and had cut for bomar’s rather than ruining the original slide (thank goodness!). Simple question. Does...
  6. Gunsmithing
    Hello: Just purchased a new forearm for a project Remington 1100. Afterwards, noticed that the stock was redone at some point and is not the same color as forearm. I believe the forearm is original. The stock is in need of refurbishing. What color wood stain did Remington use back in the...
  7. Long Guns
    Any idea what the torque should be on the stock screws? I've seen anything from 40-65 inch pounds. It's a 223. J.B.
  8. General Firearms Discussion
    Saw this online . . . Sources: Firearm company Remington to declare bankruptcy
  9. Gunsmithing
    Hello: Does anyone have a standard barrel for a Remington 1100 gauge in the Starkville area? Thanks
  10. Handguns
    Many years ago a friend of mine had a Remington XP 100 bolt action single shot pistol, I don't remember what caliber. We had a blast shooting that pistol. I haven't thought about it in a long time until the other day. I called him and we chatted for a while, he said that he had sold that pistol...
  11. Gunsmithing
    I got one with a blowout or rupture about 8 inches from the muzzle. I told him that he was lucky with no injuries. I can cut the barrel back before where the damage is and install the front bead. But I told him that I would look for another barrel., Thanks, Mike
  12. General Firearms Discussion
    Remington delivers 6-pack of new 870 offerings with detachable magazines (PHOTOS)
  13. Long Guns
    Here is something ive never seen before, maybe one of you have or might have an idea of whats going on. My buddy bought this rifle last year and burnt 3 boxes of ammo trying to get it zeroed. He gave up on it. This year he brings it to me asking if i can get it setup for him with his new scope...
  14. General Firearms Discussion
    All - I'm new to the forum but have been a long-time follower. I have the opportunity to purchase a Remington 700 Long Range, chambered in .25-06. I would be using the gun primarily for deer, hogs, and 500-yard-ish target shooting. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  15. Long Guns
    What options do yall know of? Looking for a barrel for a friend of mine. He has a R700 270 he cant seem to sale so thought about putting a 6mm CM barrel on it to tinker with. 6mm 24-26" 1:7, 1:7.5, or 1:8 twist My last "Rem/Age" was a Mcgowen Stainless Select Match .22-250 1:9 twist from...
  16. General Firearms Discussion
    I need help dating a Remington 1100 410 shotgun. It has 25" full choke barrel. Serial # is R004069h and barrel code is CL. I understand it to be 1991 but I thought choke tubes were in all shotguns by 1987. Any help appreciated.
  17. General Firearms Discussion
    Remington ships new Marine Magnum 870 Tac-14 shotgun
  18. Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    I was given this gun by a good friend a few weeks ago. He thought it was not working. The slide handle would not come back. I started looking it over and the trouble was, the pump handle has to be pushed forward to unlock the breech once the shotgun is fired. There was nothing wrong with the...
  19. Long Guns
    I received this Remington 30s today. It was a '06 but has been re-bored to 35 Whelen. This was made in 1934. These were built on surplus Enfield action after the war. I am looking for another Lyman 48R receiver sight but they be a tall order. I love these old rifles.(any old rifle 8>)
  20. General Firearms Discussion
    Remington 7188 - Fully automatic 12-gauge shotgun