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  1. Long Guns
    I've inherited a nice older model Remington 1100 that's right now is fitted with a 12 gauge barrel. When I inherited it the person gave me 3 barrels one of em is a 20 gauge barrel and another is a 16. You can't simply change the gauge of a shotgun by changing its barrel can you? Would a...
  2. Handguns
    I've been thinking about getting another micro 380. They're so convenient and the new ammo is pretty dang hot. These little mouse guns are nice to have around. So... I starting looking at some options. I saw a RM380 and did a little research. It seems that Remington has acquired Rohrbaugh...
  3. Handguns
    I want one. Mr. Art could touch the trigger and make one of these a nice little huntin' gun! J.B. 1911 R1 10mm Hunter
  4. Handguns
    Remington R51 re-release next month
  5. Firearms Gallery
    While Sandman and I were sitting and talking at the McHenry M&G he asked if I had ever heard of the Rem 7615. It took me a minute to remember what it was and also to remember that I had one. This one had gotten buried in the back of the safe and hadn't been shot in several years. I shot about...
  6. Long Guns
    Figured I'd share the pics of a shotgun I found last year while deer hunting public land in the delta. I was on the edge of a slough exactly 1/2 mile from the closest road and walked up on it. This is it, just as I found it. It looks to have been there for quite awhile. I'm guessing from the...