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  1. Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    I’m fairly new to cap and ball revolvers and i wanted to get a couple of opinions about this Pietta Starr revolver. It shoots fine except for two of the nipples are a couple thousands higher than the others so often i’ll get a mis-fire. What would be the best nipple brand to replace the factory...
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    Man wounded after storing revolver in his oven An Ohio man suffered injuries last month after picking what later turned out to be a less than ideal storage spot for his handgun. Robin L. Garlock, 44, of Warren, was taken for treatment at St. Joseph Warren Hospital after he was hit by fragments...
  3. Handguns
    I was surfing though the channels last night. I saw a show that I watched some back in the 80,s. TJ HOOKER. It was back around 1984 before the semi auto craze. They were carrying Smith and Wessons with Fancy wood grips. William Shatner, a young Heather Locklear. There were more shots fired...
  4. Handguns
    I picked this up years ago with intentions to use it as a refinishing project. It had rust all over it but the chambers and barrel were free of pitting. So, I coated it in oil, stuck it in the safe, and forgot I had it. Earlier today I found it and though it would be a decent snake gun for my...
  5. General Firearms Discussion
    I have some old plastic grips that are warped a little - doesnt fit on the frame flush. Anyone ever used a heat gun or oven to flatten grips? Need some advice - thx
  6. ICORE
    We are lucky we got to shoot this match or we would not have a chance to send our scores in to the international postal match! Four stage postal match involving some movement, definitely some accuracy, and even a little bit of freestyle/strong hand/weak hand transitions and some mandatory...
  7. Handguns
    Ruger announces new SP101 revolver in 9mm
  8. Handguns
    This is interesting. This grip has a pop down extension for those little revolvers to give you a 3 finger grip. Pachmayr® GuardianGripTM
  9. Handguns
    Ruger launches additional calibers on LCRx revolver series
  10. General Firearms Discussion
    Just curious to how many rounds of ammo do most of you guys carry with your CCW. With today's small pistols mags generally only hold 5-6 rounds, while the compact and full size hold 10-17 rounds generally. I have really been thinking going to a revolver, specifically a S&W with 2 speedloaders as...
  11. General Firearms Discussion
    I've found an 1882 Swiss Revolver for sale on one of the more popular auction sites. I had the chance to shoot one of these handguns many years ago. I quite enjoyed it. I would like to get this one, however, 7.5 Swiss Revolver ammo is basically non-existent. I seem to remember reading that these...
  12. General Firearms Discussion
    When the lights go out: Reloading a revolver with a light in hand
  13. Handguns
    Gun Review: Russian M1895 Nagant revolver in 7.62x38R (VIDEO)
  14. General Firearms Discussion
    How do you balance concealment ability of your handgun with it's inherent ability to stop an aggressor? Is a Pistol easier to conceal, or a Revolver?
  15. USPSA & IPSC
    The 2017 Mississippi Single Stack and Revolver Championship is in the books, and it was a great one. First and foremost I want to thank the folks that made it possible. Setup crew George Miller, Lee Frasier, Steve Tannetta, Bill Jackson, Calvin Lindsay, Harrell Balius, and Dwaine Balius...
  16. General Firearms Discussion
    I was wondering yalls opinion on the kimber deluxe carry revolver. Kimber America | Revolver
  17. Handguns
    A buddy of mine has a Dan Wesson 357 revolver with the extra barrels that he is possibly wanting to sell. It has little blue left and it is having a problem with light primer strikes. If I pull the hammer back manually and let it fall while holding the trigger it fires, but when just pulling the...
  18. Training
    Pretty sure y'all know why. ;)
  19. Handguns
    There seems to have been much interest shown in these economically priced and made in the Philippines Armscor revolvers on our MSGO forum... and evidently, a number of forum members own one. This is as good as you'll likely get for an unbiased "gun evaluation" on the Armscor M200, M206...
  20. Handguns
    The new Colt Cobra .38 Special revolver has been introduced... MSRP is $699... :cool: (photo credit to Colt's Manufacturing Co, LLC) Cobra | Colt Spec sheet download... click here.