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  1. Rossi 92

    General Firearms Discussion
    “Saved” this one from our resident paint monster! Lol I’ve got some polishing to do but I believe this one is a keeper! The wife and female child shot it today along with me and I doubt I’ll get to shoot it much as they might like it better than I do! :oops: Should have never let them shoot it...
  2. Rossi 410 choke install

    I have done a TON of choke installation. I have run into the first of its kind. Rossi 3" 410 Barrel fixed choke. During Reaming of barrel 40 RPM Plenty of Tacki Lube, same as always. Hand hold barrel while reamer held by 4 jaw and back of barrel held by mandrel in live center. During...
  3. Rossi92.357 mag

    Long Guns
    Last week I bought Rossi 92 in .357 Mag/.38 Spc with a 20" barrel, but it was a difficult decision. A few weeks ago Croatian Hunting Association got to their store hundreds of rifles, mainly from police seizure and for a very good price. Among other guns, there was a dozen of Rossi 92, a dozen...
  4. Rossi R22 or alternative

    General Firearms Discussion
    Thinking about Christmas I am considering getting a 22 rifle for my better half. I looked at a Rossi R22 in FDE and was quite impressed with the stock form and somewhat of a design on it. Anyone have any experience with these? She really likes some of the wood rifles that have laser etched...
  5. Rossi Model 92 .357 Magnum Value?

    General Firearms Discussion
    As stated above I have a Rossi M92 chambered in 357 magnum that I am contemplating parting with. I bought this from a co-worker some time ago and have never fired it, so I figure I didnt like it that much. I paid $350 and that's what I would like to get out of it. Is that fair? It shows some...
  6. Rossi Revolver Class Action Settlement Reached

    General Firearms Discussion
    Rossi Revolver Class Action Settlement Reached: Take Advantage of Free Repair, $50 Cash Payment - GunsAmerica Digest
  7. Rossi M971 357mag.

    By way of another member I was informed of this things existents and it’s residency,that member then retrieved it and muled it to another,who I met this morning and collected it. A fantastic looking pistol,that fits well in my hand,hopefully it shoots as well as it looks. Haven’t had time to...
  8. Rossi 38/357 Carbine

    Long Guns
    Well closed a deal with TwangBanger on a little Rossi carbine in 357mag/38spl. Got it home late Sunday night and got off two shots buy the back porch light. This thing is sweet and shoots good. Got it out first thing and removed the rear sight and installed the scope base. Found my spare cheap...
  9. Voluntary Recall on some Rossi revolvers . . .

    Saw this online. Rossi Issues Voluntary Recall for Select Revolvers @CajunBP , didn't you recently pick up a Rossi wheel gun? Might wanna check it. I checked mine, and it's good.
  10. Rossi 92 tuning

    Has anyone on here done their own, or have had someone do action work to a Rossi 92?
  11. Rossi M92 38sp/357mag barrel threading?

    Long Guns
    Anyone know anyone that can thread the barrel and shorten the mag tube on a M92? Looking to suppress it.
  12. 38 Special Loads for Rossi 92 Lever Gun

    Thanks to ncpapaul, I have a new lever gun. While I've loaded 357 and 38 special loads for my revolver, anyone got any load advice, especially in COL for 38 special loads with 158 gr SWC. Thanks to spyderhead, I know have a bunch of 158 SWC. The Rossi is a 357 but I plan on shooting 38's mostly.
  13. Rossi

    General Firearms Discussion
    Not sure whether these are good deals, but I was considering one of the Heritage .22 revolvers or maybe the Rossi .357 lever gun. I don't really trust most gun writers, the best writers are here.:) I was just wondering what the general consensus was on these two guns. Thanks...