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    Found this today with the Walmart receipt. Purchased it 11 years ago and still got it but I put a boat paddle stock on it. Wish I had bought 4 of them.
  3. Gunsmithing
    Today I changed out the factory trigger for a Timney 641C. For some unknown reason I didn’t take pics of the parts ( I always do this ) that I would remove before doing it. Well I had fun putting the safety spring back where it was supposed to go. I finally put my “ see up close “ hood on and...
  4. Firearms Gallery
    A month or so ago Tyler Gunworks posted looking for some work. We got to texting and decided I would send my 327 Magnum Ruger Single Seven to him for a tune and refinish. Another one off to Tyler Well, I got to thinking about it and those plain ol grips just wasn’t gonna do that newly...
  5. Rimfire
    Anyone know where I can pick up a set of wood grips for an old Ruger standard/MKI pistol?Nothing fancy and dont want to pay a whole lot. Preferred unfinished because I would like to stain them. I want them to be specific without cutout for bolt stop/lock.
  6. Gunsmithing
    Installed today: Bolt shim(.002) Trigger shims(.003 x 2) Volquartsen sear and spring. Reduced trigger pull from 5.5# to 2.5#. These parts and excellent instruction videos are from triggershims.com. Great people and service.
  7. Firearms Gallery
    Picked up this 1962 Old Model Bearcat last week. Thank goodness it hasn't been sent back for the transfer bar conversion. It had a lot of wear on the bluing so I touched it up with Oxpho-Blue while I had it apart cleaning it. Internally it was filthy. It didn't look like it had ever been...
  8. Handguns
    rugers answer to the fn five seven handgun at a cheaper price got to have one
  9. Firearms Gallery
    My 5.5” 44 mag came back today. Work done follows: Action job and accuracy tune. CCH frame, hammer, and trigger. Remove lawyer label, mount sight and reblue barrel. Here is the thread I made when i sent it off. Sending one off to Tyler Gunworks
  10. Firearms Gallery
    I have a couple Ruger Bisley Hunters. One in 44 mag and one in 45 Colt. I had a scope mounted in the factory rings on the 44 mag but the scope was sliding with recoil and was playing havoc on my groups. So I ordered some mounts from Weigand and switched some stuff around. i put a Fast Fire 3...
  11. Handguns
    As some of you know,I’m going to try and get the girl (and myself) into Steel Challenge. I took here to one match that Phillip was attending for a walk through and to watch how it was done. She seemed to like what she had seen and through a long discussion while riding home she decided to give...
  12. General Firearms Discussion
    Anyone seen the new 5.7mm pistol that Ruger is planning on releasing? MSRP is around $800 so it'll probably be $600-650 once the prices settle down. That's roughly half of what the FN Five-seven goes for. I've never really been that excited about 5.7mm, but it's nice to see Ruger put out new...
  13. Handguns
    8-shot, Triple-Lock, PVD coated cylinder, target crown, 6" barrel. Looks nice. Ruger 9mm GP100 Comp
  14. Long Guns
    I hardly ever see these up for sale but I’ve seen three in the last week. Marty got a 28 ga, my smith co neighbor got a 12 and today I got a 12 too. It’s in pawn shop jail but I got pics!
  15. Handguns
    Here's the link to a thread that's running on the single action forum. I thought some of you would be interested if you haven't already seen the grip frames: Brass grip frames by Ronnie Wells | Single-Actions Ronnie’s website is www.rwgripframes.com
  16. Handguns
    I own one but its at the gunsmith being tuned and having some match grade parts installed so I can't determine this just now but what I'm wondering is this: Do the Ruger variants on the original design include the often pesky Colt Series 80 firing pin block mechanism or do they utilize a...
  17. Long Guns
    Is this upper wood vented handguard factory ? I’d never even seen a wooden upper on a mini14 till this one. Googled image didn’t show me any with holes drill in them. Seller says it’s factory. I’m doubting it. Thanks
  18. AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    So, last week I traded for a Ruger 556. I was happy because I already have one and it’s a good solid budget AR and I thought, that even if this one hadn’t had a Magpul stock and a free floated hand guard, it was a good trade. It wasn’t until today that I discovered this model is known as a...
  19. General Firearms Discussion
    Picked up a brand new Ruger Wranger, in bronze cerakote, today at the Academy Sports in Hattiesburg. Price out the door, after taxes, was a shade over two Ben’s. They had all three colors on offer, but once I saw them side by side, the contrasting colors of the bronze model gave me the fizz and...
  20. Firearms Gallery
    How did you celebrate Ruger Day? I picked up my second Bisley Hunter, the new 45 Colt. Pairs nicely with the 44, don’t ya think? :)