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  1. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke stepping down

    Press Talk
    Cousin Ryan just couldn't put up with the BS. anymore, and says he didn't want to waste "thousands of dollars" fighting the harassing investigations that are certain to only worsen when the Dems take control of the House in January. Ryan Zinke to leave Trump administration at end of the year -...
  2. Speaker Ryan Visits U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

    Press Talk
    Speaker Ryan Visits U.S. Troops in Afghanistan October 12, 2018|Speaker Ryan Press Office KABUL, AFGHANISTAN—House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has concluded a two-day congressional delegation (CODEL) visit to Afghanistan. He was joined by House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX)...
  3. SecInt Ryan Zinke declared October "National Hunting & Fishing Month"

    Press Talk
    First I've heard of it & October is almost over: NRA-ILA | Interior’s Zinke Tabs October As National Hunting And Fishing Month Of course October is a crowded month. Breast Cancer Awareness, Hispanic Heritage( 15 Sept-15 Oct.), Reformation Month(500 years ago ol' Marty nailed his theses on the...