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  1. Long Guns
    I finally got one of my project guns finished! I think this one has been cooking on the back burner since Christmas or thereabouts. I didn't have it in me with the torn up shoulder to finish it myself, so I enlisted my buddy over in Mobile at Custom Gun Coatings and Repair. I realized I didn't...
  2. Rimfire
    Picked this one up the other day, came home with a vortex crossfire II 4-12x40. Gray laminated thumb hole stock, fluted barrel and the Accutrigger I’m going to find out if it’s any good. I’ll catch y’all up later.
  3. Rimfire
    I just bought a Savage A17 and have been looking at a few scopes. I think I have decided on a Hawke 4-12x40. I was wondering what height rings could I run to keep the scope as low as possible? Also interested in more scope choices.
  4. Long Guns
    Anybody familiar with savage 340 series rifles? I’ve got a receiver off of one chambered in 30/30 that I’m thinking about buying the parts to put back together
  5. Long Guns
    I don’t really know much about this gun, and I was wondering if anyone on here remembers these from their likely brief original run. It’s a Savage Model 79 12 ga. w/ a 3” chamber. It’s a 29” barrel (or 30” depending on which way you round), got a vent rib/single ball, engraved receiver, engraved...
1-6 of 180 Results