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  1. SCOTUS: Prosecutors Must Prove Prohibited Persons Knew They Couldn’t Have Guns

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    Supreme Court says prosecutors must prove that people knew they couldn't have guns SCOTUS: Prosecutors Must Prove Prohibited Persons Knew They Couldn't Have Guns - The Truth About Guns The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that in order to prosecute a prohibited person in possession of a firearm...
  2. SCOTUS First Female Justice: Diagnosis of Dementia and ‘Probably Alzheimer’s Disea

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    Supreme Court's First Female Justice Announces Diagnosis of Dementia and 'Probably Alzheimer's Disease' Sandra Day O'Connor announces likely Alzheimer's diagnosis Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor announced her withdrawal from public life in a letter this week that...
  3. Everyone's least favorite shyster got slapped down hard by the SCOTUS

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    Carlos Moore our next would be governor lost his suit to force us to change the state flag, I suspect he could give a hoot less what flag flies as long as he gets media attention but now he's out of options, the SCOTUS is as high as his useless self can go.:lol4:
  4. Obama's SCOTUS Nominee and TPP Deal: DOA!

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    Obama admin waves white flag on trade deal, Merrick Garland Supreme Court nomination