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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    'Unconstitutional' Connecticut gun-control law prompts Second Amendment lawsuit Several gun rights organizations filed a lawsuit last week against a draconian law enacted by Connecticut legislators in 2013. Enacted not too long after the Dec. 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that...
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    Florida Carry: We Will Sue Any Cop Who Violates a Member's Rights - The Truth About Guns https://files.constantcontact.com/a3e33206301/1eb7b9ba-afdd-4efb-b953-42cd2f444e3b.pdf Florida Carry, Inc. has put Florida’s top cops on notice: Stop violating the rights of law abiding gun owners or you...
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    Quietly, a storied Connecticut gun industry shrinks sharply Interesting reading. Sad in a way though. Will the last gun company leaving CT please turn out the lights and close the door behind you?
1-3 of 48 Results