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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    Okay I’m trying to find out how to shoot better so I’m right handed but left eye dominant and it gets hard shooting rifles I’ve kinda found out how to with handguns but I know I’m not the only person out there someone let me know something please
  2. Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    Is it hard or to late to get into comp if your already 21
  3. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    So this guy shoots 3 teens, classic self defense scenario. Poor guy being lawful in his right to be armed will be demonized for shooting these "helpless" kids. Where is Philly's PD? These kids were out riding the bus around 1am in the morning and thought this would be a fast hit but they...
  4. Survival/Preparedness/Self Sufficiency
    He does this as the passenger - Colion is the trainee in this vid. Driver is the trainer. About 6minutes.
  5. Optics and Accessories
    Does anyone use a tripod shooting platform? I've been considering getting a Bog Death Grip Tripod to use when shooting. Was not wanting to break the bank. If you use a tripod set up what kind do you use and do you like it? Bog Death grip Tripod...
  6. General Firearms Discussion
    I live in New Hope on a little less than an acre and I want to know can I shoot my AR-15(.223WYLDE) in my back yard? I believe I have an adequate backstop (a ditch).
  7. Outdoors
    Shimano Stradic winner! And unseen clips!
  8. General Firearms Discussion
    Down at Ellis's casting party I got to talk to a gentleman that did cowboy action shooting. And my crazy self can't remember his name , maybe harleychief? I had looked into CAS years ago and talking with him kinda renewed the interest. You-tube video's isn't helping either. So who here does...
  9. Central Mississippi
    From Jackson, looking for places to pew-pew
  10. General Firearms Discussion
    If you have an adjustable walking stick similar to the one below, it makes a pretty good "shooting stik" while seated, with long gun or handgun. I've been using one for years, just never thought to share it as a shooting tip. You can vary the height even more after it is adjusted for your...
  11. Handguns
    I don't always agree with what Jim Wilson says, but I always like to read what he says. He usually has some good points. In this case, I agree with him. Shooting to Stop: Caliber Considerations for Self-Defense
  12. Press Talk
    Shooting at California's Saugus High School, suspect in custody: officials A suspect was in custody and being treated at a local hospital after a Thursday morning shooting that injured several people at Saugus High School, including two males and a female who were reportedly in critical...
  13. Add Your Club Here
    Gunline shooting range is now open. They bought saltdog range from the bank and rebuilt it. They have 7 ranges. The longest it out to 1k. They have installed over 30k in steel targets including moving targets. This is a club so I pay about 45 month or 55 for a family a month. You can bring as...
  14. General Firearms Discussion
    I am conducting a feasibility study into the possibility of SW Gun Club conducting registered ATA trap shoots. As part of this study, I am asking you, the forum members, to answer the poll question attached to this thread. Please read the information contained in the next paragraph before...
  15. Outdoors
    Shooting and eating stingray
  16. Press Talk
    I kid you not … read on: Siblings Outraged by Their Brother's Fatal Shooting Dismiss the Fact That He was an Armed Robber - 'Oh Well!" “The pair acknowledges that [it] was wrong for Roosevelt Rappley to try and rob the Dollar General…but they say the clerk shouldn’t have had a gun at work.”...
  17. Press Talk
    BREAKING: Mass Shooting IN DC, 6 Victims Reported Gunfire erupted on the streets of Washington, D.C., on Thursday night and at least several people were shot, local media reported. Reuters could not immediately reach police to confirm the reports. Local TV station FOX-5 reported, citing...
  18. Training
    Anybody heard of them? Taken any courses? Know anything about their resumes?
  19. Press Talk
    Police: Two men injured in shooting accident at Keene range Police: Two men injured in shooting accident at Keene range By Sierra Hubbard Sentinel Staff Sep 15, 2019 Updated 43 min ago Two safety officers went to the hospital Sunday with gunshot wounds after one accidentally fired a gun...
  20. Press Talk
    There has to be more to this story. Surely there was alcohol or previous serious fighting between the family members. The story is poorly written. It says that the boy was killed by his younger brother, but further down it says that the father shot one of the boys. (Kemper is my home county...