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    Y'all may have already seen this, but figured it was worth posting anyway. This was a defensive shootout in LV a few weeks ago, and illustrates the value of good training and practice in a real life situation. There are a couple minor discrepancies between the Fox report below and the story in...
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    Three dead in Florida after thieves lead chase in hijacked UPS truck Three people dead in South Florida after thieves lead a high-speed chase in a hijacked UPS truck | Daily Mail Online
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    WATCH: Tulsa Police Officer, Armed Suspect Wounded in Gunfight Long video at link. This is what cops have to contend with.
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    Happened in Tulsa. Mom and daughter take on hood rat in their store. Looks like they tagged him 3 times, but he took off. Not a classroom exercise, and some mistakes were made, but this is how this kind of thing usually goes down. GRAPHIC VIDEO: Liquor store clerks shoot armed robbery...
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    Suspect dead, officer injured in Panola County shootout
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    Things happen real fast out on the street. Video/Article
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    Just on the radio. No Web posts yet. Gas station shootout on Chef Menteur Hwy. 30 shots fired; no injuries. And some urban democrats want a race war. Bring it. LOLOLOL
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    Islamist terror suspect Berlin attack killed in shootout in Milan
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    WLBT : Four people shot outside store in Warren County Saw the aftermath at the kangaroo located at the beechwood intersection on my way to work this morning. Officers had the store roped off and all exits block with patrol cars. Not much detail on it at the moment just 4 adult males were shot...