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  1. Reloading/Ammunition
    I'm looking for 12 and 20 gauge shotgun loads using Winchester AA hulls. Prefer slug, round ball and buckshot loads but need regular shot loads also. My strongest load interest is in round ball loads. I have some CCI 209 primers, and Fiochi 209 primers, I forget the wads right now will have...
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    For some crazy reason I thought of @Ellis93 when I saw this. :)
  3. Gunsmithing
    Been a busy few days, I was all caught up then I had 7 shotguns show up in 2 days ranging from a Stoeger to a Kreighoff K80. Few rebuilds, some adjustable butt pads and a few repair jobs . Thankful for the business. Just a few pics from some of them The $2200 TsK stock
  4. Long Guns
    Anyone have any experience with them,clamp on style compensator/brake? Any particular brands recommended? Anyone know what I’m talking about? Lol
  5. General Firearms Discussion
    So I am looking at buying another turkey gun.... So the idea behind the 24" barrel is less weight and maneuverability, right? I mean there may be other benefits or reasons, but those are the main reasons IMO. So my question is, if I chop a shotgun down to 18"-18.5" or even just 20", how much...
  6. Gunsmithing
    What I have. Remington model 11 20 gauge. Had a Cutts choke on it. Long gone. 19-1/2” barrel. Face of bolt to end of barrel. Need it crowned and threaded for extended chokes. Who can do this here in Mississippi and what kind of money am I looking at.
  7. Long Guns
    has anyone ever owned one and how reliable are they i have a few rock island guns but not a shotgun for the price they look awesome but wanna know how reliable they are and how they feed
  8. General Firearms Discussion
    Little pricey IMO, esp for a 1st model. Savage Announces Its First Semi-Auto Shotgun, the 'RENEGAUGE' - GunsAmerica Digest
  9. Long Guns
    Picked up a mossberg 500 in 12 gauge. On the receiver, where the shells are loaded, it is marked 500 ATP6. Can anyone help identify what that designates? It is 5+1with a 24" barrel that has rifle sights. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Long Guns
    I recently sold a Beretta A390ST shotgun, which I acquired in a trade and never did anything more than have a gunsmith disassemble, clean, and inspect it. The guy from whom I got it, insisted it was a "Silver Mallard" edition. My "Blue Book of Gun Values" (37th ed.) describes the Silver...
  11. General Firearms Discussion
    I found a shotgun barrel I forgot I had that was owned at one time by my FIL. I think it is a Mossberg but not sure. It's marked Slugster 24" 20 gauge. By looking at the picks can someone tell me if its a Mossberg or a Remington?
  12. "Boolit" Casting
    .69 caliber minie ball Minié ball - Wikipedia Going in a high brass 2 3/4 hull 12g.....problem is......my wad is much too thick and bulging the hull ever so slightly. It’s in there tight enough that it bothers me. Enough that I’m not packing but a couple. Once I get it sorted out tho...
  13. Firearms Gallery
    I finally got around to finding a home defense shotgun I could like. Remington model 10. Bottom feed and eject. Takedown 5+1. Newer Boyd’s furniture. Shortened to 22 1/2”. Suicide safety and best of all slam fire. Remarkably tight and smooth as glass. Vent rib barrel was added at some point. I...
  14. Gunsmithing
    We all know about chokes and what they do, but what about going the other direction. Some interesting possibilities that change the pattern of the shot. I wouldn't do this to a favorite, but used shotguns can be had pretty cheap. And guess what - you don't need ATF permission. :) 5 minute...
  15. Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    Thought I’d come out early and get (mostly) set up for today’s NRA 3-GUN SPORT RIFLE, PISTOL AND SHOTGUN MATCH, at SW Gun Club. This is a fun event. Not as high speed, low drag as some other 3 gun steel matches, but fun all the same. We should start shooting around 9, if you’re interested and in...
  16. General Firearms Discussion
    @rigrat, You weren't on Coast today were you;). Listening to Scanner this afternoon & call comes in for LEO to check on a front end cut off shotgun barrel- no gun, found in persons yard by. :rolleyes:. Unfortunately, never heard anymore about it.
  17. Long Guns
    Here are the 2 new to me guns. This is a CZ 12ga Coach Gun that I bought at High Caliber Pawn Color case harden "bunny ears" And here is my new Marlin 1894 in .45 LC that I bought from Quickeye This is a beautiful Cowboy edition complete with an octagonal barrel. I took this to...
  18. Long Guns
    Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning I was at Magnolia with my new Mossberg SA-20 shotgun. This 20ga shotgun shoots SO SWEET. Recoil is light and this gun "fits me". I did install a trigger spring kit that reduced the trigger pull from about 7-8lbs down to about 4-5lbs. The...
  19. General Firearms Discussion
    I'm sure this subject has been talked about before, but is there any legal way to own a short barreled shotgun like the one James Caan carried in the movie El Dorado?
  20. Gunsmithing
    I'm looking for a smith to reblue one of my fathers Remington 1100s . I would like to do business with someone in ms and not have to ship it off.