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  1. Sig Sauer is leaving Germany

    General Firearms Discussion
    By the end of this year. Excerpt
  2. Short list: Sig P320 M18?

    Should I add this to my short list? It's within my budget and I like the magazine options, nite sights, etc. Anyone have one? Sig Sauer
  3. Sig P365 XL

    Pros and cons with this pistol,what are they? Got my hands on one today (just touched one,didn’t buy) and really like the feel of it in my hand.
  4. SIG 716i TREAD: First Look at SIG Sauer’s New DI AR-10 Rifle in .308 Win

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    SIG 716i TREAD: First Look at SIG Sauer’s New DI AR-10 Rifle in .308 Win SIG 716i TREAD: First Look at SIG Sauer's New DI AR-10 Rifle in .308 Win SIG 716i TREAD Specs Caliber: .308 Winchester Barrel Length: 16 inches Overall Length: 37 inches Barrel Twist: 1:10 inches Overall Height: 8...
  5. Experience with the Sig P365?

    Looking for some input on the Sig Sauer P365. My daughter reported doing some pracice shooting this weekend with her Springfield XD-E I bought her and we took our Enhanced class with. She sent me a picture of the welt under her eye where she got hit with a casing. They were trying to go down her...
  6. Sig P365 SAS

    I’m seriously looking at one of these pistols as a carry weapon. The sight looks like it would easy to use and I know it would help these old eyes. I had backed out a while back on selling my M&P 2.0 FDE but I could part with it to get one of these. I’ll study on it s’more. The reviews on the...
  7. Sig Sauer P290 - Thoughts and Opinions

    General Firearms Discussion
    My aunt just picked up a used Sig P290 at the local pawn shop. Traded in her LCR and got it ~$150 out the door, with a holster. As I’m the resident family “Gun nut”, she’s asked me to take it to the range to function test it, clean it up and let her know what I think. I’ve no experience with...
  8. glock 43 that takes SIG 365 mags

    General Firearms Discussion
    New GLOCK 43 80% Frame Will Let You Use SIG P365 10, 15-Round Magazines in your G43 [VIDEO] - The Truth About Guns Im not a glock guy by any means but i thought this was pretty neat.
  9. sig x5 legion

    It's my first Sig, I shot it this weekend and was very pleased. I must have been good this year, santa got me this:
  10. Sig 220 compact magazine pinkie extensions?

    Need mag extensions for pinkie finger on my p220 compact 6 rds mags but have found nothing. Any suggestions?
  11. Sig 2022

    Recently bought this 2022, came with 1 factory mag and 4 Mec-gar +2 mags. Decent truck / woods gun, bigger than my G19 with same capacity, same size as my M&P 9 with less capacity. Also the extra long baseplate with no extra rounds was a detractor. Continued....
  12. New Sig Bolt Gun in 277 Fury

    General Firearms Discussion
    Sig is releasing a new boltgun chambered in 308, 6.5CM, and 277 Fury which is their NGSW round only in standard pressure. The high pressure round is supposedly shooting a 135gr bullet at just over 3000fps out of a 16in barrel. Thats smoking! It looks to essentially be a 277-08. Might be...
  13. Sig MPX -- Who has experience?

    General Firearms Discussion
    I've been looking at the MPX, specifically the Copperhead (3.5"). They look to be well made with modern features. It looks to be a handy tool... even better than the MP5 clones or the Kriss Vector. Talk me out of buying it.
  14. Sig 365 or Glock 43?

    Just asking about Y'all's preferences? For CCW. Sig 365 or Glock 43?
  15. New Sig P365 ... SAS edition

    General Firearms Discussion
    SAS stands for Sig Anti-Snag. Sig removed the front and rear sights, sunk in a green dot to the rear of the slide and smoothed off the slide release as well. It’s completely smooth for a snag-free draw experience. I think I like it. This is a Guns and Gear video from Ryan Gresham.
  16. SIG SAUER Selected by U.S. Army for Next Generation Weapons

    Press Talk
    SIG SAUER Selected by U.S. Army for Next Generation Weapons with New Ammunition Technology, Lightweight Machine Gun, Rifle, and Suppressors Published Date: 09/03/2019 NEWINGTON, N.H., (September 3, 2019) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is proud to announce the official award of a contract by the U.S...
  17. who shoots sig p320 x5

    Ive been thinking about getting a sig p320 x5. I want to use it for steel challenge, outlaw steel, carry optics and things like that. I've read a bunch of stuff online but want some input from you guys. Pros/Cons or any other guns that would be worth looking into
  18. Sig P365 12-round mags for $35.98

    ...at Osage guns. I ordered 2 and, even with shipping, they were less then $40 each, which is about $10 cheaper than any I have found locally. The link says "$37.99, but they are on sale. Buy Sig Sauer P365 9mm 12-Round Magazine for $37.99 | MAG-365-9-12
  19. I see 2019 bringing me...a Sig P229 in .357Sig!

    A few years ago, I transitioned to 100% Glocks to keep in line with the duty weapon my agency issues (we changed from Sig to Glock). However, I have been so happy with my recently reaquired all-time-favorite CCW pistol, a Sig P239, that I do believe my Glock 32 is going to be bye-bye and be...
  20. SIG MPX Giveaway!! What is it??

    General Firearms Discussion
    www.classicfirearms.com is back with another giveaway. This times it’s a Sig MPX, whatever that is. Click the link below for your chance to enter and win. Good luck! Win Saint Nick's SIG MPX Moderators, as always, if this thread is inappropriate, please feel free to remove.