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  1. Training
    Too much ammo? Clint's videos on Youtube are priceless. Shout out to Scott Womack for sharing the Thunder Ranch series, really good training tips. J~
  2. New Member Welcome Center
    How much is a model 27-2 and ore model 27 blued steel 3-1/2 inch barrel smith and Wesson’s worth
  3. Handguns
    Put some new shoes on the old trusty model 15. The originals had a chunk missing out of them since I got it. I didn't realize it before installing them, but they have a different contour at the top. You can see the "line" where the top of the old grips sat. Oh well, they're S&W branded, feel...
  4. General Firearms Discussion
    I know there are guys on here who collect these revolvers and are very knowledgeable about them. I have an opportunity to acquire an Airweight .38 special CTG and would like to know 2 things about it. 1. The age( year made) and 2. The value of the gun. The serial no. is 52915 and there is...
  5. Gunsmithing
    You never know till you try. The laser would come on for a couple seconds, then it would not work till you let it sit for a while. Well I was in my recliner around 11pm last night, I got the box that the gun came in, got the directions on the laser and took it off the gun. I first thought that...
  6. Gunsmithing
    I have a well used model 681, that the trigger stud has broken. Has anyone ever seen this in a S&W revolver? Looking for a good gunsmith that can replace it, any input would be appreciated
  7. Handguns
    Hello folks, I thought I would just post the question to get some response. It seems to me the .40 has lost a lot of popularity in recent months or years? Why is this? I have shot the caliber for years, I reload for it, it is pleasant to shoot, accurate and powerful, but for some reason, I...
  8. Firearms Gallery
    I dropped by one of the local shops Thursday just to visit and spotted this S&W .38 sitting there. I knew it was an older one and it had a 5” barrel which isn’t too common. He made me a great price on it so it had to be rescued. Based on the markings it appeared to be a .38 M&P Model of 1905...