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  1. CMP announces how Army surplus 1911s to be sold

    Press Talk
    CMP announces how Army surplus 1911s to be sold see if it works now
  2. Surplus 1911's to be sold through CMP

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    The 2018 NDAA was approved to include a plan to transfer the U.S. Army’s remaining stock of .45 ACP M1911A1 pistols to the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Congress passes spending bill that includes selling milsurp 1911s through CMP
  3. Rare Ford Sold

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    The Ford Durango was the Futura of pickups
  4. More Guns Have Been Sold in 2016 Than Any Year in History

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    More Guns Have Been Sold in 2016 Than Any Year in History "More gun-related FBI background checks were done in 2016 than in any other year in history after November set yet another record for gun sales in the United States. So far this year, the FBI has processed 24,767,514 checks through its...
  5. Somebody Sold Them A 2x4 With A Piece Of Pipe....Idiots

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    Minnesota gun buyback program a dud, some legal owners say | Fox News
  6. Stoner family said he never intended AR 15 to be sold to civilians???

    Round Table
    Family of AR-15 Inventor: He Didn't Intend It for Civilians NEWS JUN 16 2016, 2:24 PM ET Family of AR-15 Inventor Eugene Stoner: He Didn't Intend It for Civilians "Our father, Eugene Stoner, designed the AR-15 and subsequent M-16 as a military weapon to give our soldiers an advantage over the...
  7. Man sued for $30K over $40 printer he sold on Craigslist

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    This is the craziest thing I have seen lately: -------------------------------------- INDIANAPOLIS --- Selling a used, black-and-white printer through Craigslist seemed simple and straightforward to Doug Costello. It wasn't. What the 66-year-old Massachusetts man didn't know then is that he...
  8. Most expensive gun sold at auction.

    General Firearms Discussion
    Most Expensive Gun Sold at Auction for $1.26 Million I thought this was interesting.
  9. ATF reports Over 10million guns sold in 2013

    General Firearms Discussion
    It takes them 2 years to tally up the numbers, so we won't know how many were sold in 2015 until 2017. I'm guessing a lot more. The Firearms Commerce Report in the United States is available for download (pdf) here: https://www.atf.gov/resource-center/data-statistics . Other reports on the...