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  1. Long Guns
    I've just bought a rifle - Its a Marlin 336-SS its a little bit dirty and I'm unsure what to use on it. From my knowledge its never been cleaned or oiled but there have been less than 20 rounds put through it. The other issue is that there is some very slight rust (or what looks like it) right...
  2. Reloading/Ammunition
    we had a member using ss pins dry in a vibrater. who was that? was it working? are you still doing it ?
  3. Gunsmithing
    I've got a stainless gun with some slight dark spots that I'm trying to remove. Any suggestions on products or techniques to remove dark spots on stainless? I'm not wanting to use still wool or a synthetic pad that might alter the sheen of the gun where I rub it. Thanks.
121-123 of 129 Results