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  1. Stevens 301 .410 = H&R?

    General Firearms Discussion
    Friend of mine bought the Stevens for his daughters. Stock is a little long, and so are the youth models. Was wondering if anyone knows whether the 301 has the same stock pattern as the H&R or similar enough to use H&R aftermarket stocks. Found a stock set that has AR style 6-position stock that...
  2. J Stevens Tip-Up

    Firearms Gallery
    This is another one that I picked up at the auction this weekend. It's a J Stevens Tip-Up in .22 LR. They made several models of these but I think this one is an Offhand No. 35. This model was made from 1923-1942. In 1929 they change to a stamped trigger guard like this one has. Based on...
  3. Dwight Stevens Auction - Antique guns

    North Mississippi
    Dwight is selling his entire collection of stuff this Saturday Oct 20, in Aberdeen. Includes some very nice antique and collectible firearms and cars. http://www.stevensauction.com/20%20Oct%202018%20web/cover.html Y'all really need to check this out. :)
  4. Stevens Pump

    General Firearms Discussion
    Didn't know Stevens was making pump shotguns. Saw this at Walmart Wiggins yesterday.
  5. Stevens Shotgun model 320

    Long Guns
    I had read about Savage Stevens getting back into the shotgun business. Well I have owned older Stevens shotguns for most of my like. Anyhow ,I ordered one last week. I am impressed and got more for the money than I thought. It is all black, .short barrel, pistol grip, has a heat shield that...
  6. Stevens .410 double barrel model 311 value?

    Long Guns
    I found a Stevens model 311 .410 3" magnum double barrel in a pawn shop. It was probably made sometime in the 60's or early 70's. It is in decent shape but is plain jane with some finish wear. It was listed at $399.00 but the guy at the counter offered it at $325.00 otd. I am not up to...
  7. Stevens Model 15 - Part 2 -project complete

    General Firearms Discussion
    Thought I would post a few photos of the completed Model 15 project. After removing the surface rust and cleaning the steel, a thin layer of bluing exists....I didn't notice any pitting. The bolt was cleaned, polished, lubed, and reinstalled. The steel and wood then received a coat of Johnson's...
  8. First attempt at gunstock refinishing - Stevens Model 15

    General Firearms Discussion
    I just refinished my first gunstock....a buddy's Stevens Model 15 made in the 1930's. The rifle has been in his family for years. He had sanded the finish off and left it that way years ago....that's how it came to me. I wish I had thought to take a "before" photo. Although the original finish...