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  1. So, Who has been investing in the Stock Market?

    General Off Topic
    I took about $3000 and made some informed picks. My two big movers are MFA Financials and Norwegian Cruise Lines. I bought at about the bottom and i am up $1500 right now. Anyone else investing? I have some time to sit on my money so im not extremely worried about a possible 2nd dip. And...
  2. CZ Going Public? Prague Stock Exchange to List Company’s Shares

    General Firearms Discussion
    CZ Going Public? Prague Stock Exchange to List Company's Shares - In a press release dated May 31st, 2020, Czechoslovakian firearms manufacturer Česká zbrojovka Group SE (CZG for short, more commonly known as CZ) announced shares of their company will be listed on the Prague Stock Exchange as...
  3. Stock Market Up

    Press Talk
    Stock Market up over 26,0000 oil up to $37 dollars a barrel and 79% of all small businesses that can or want to are open. Liberal leaders in liberal states are causing there own problems. Their corona virus (flu) has failed so it’s on to the next thing. They can’t stand that the educated people...
  4. Bauer Precision Ammo HST in stock

    General Firearms Discussion
    they have HST 124gr 50/box for $26
  5. Simple/Basic stock cleaning

    Hi, I am looking for a EASY wipe on wipe off product that will simply give wooden furniture (rifles/shotguns) a good cleaning. Don't want to take away too much essential elements that would be needed for longevity. but esp do not want add any oils or something that may damage or change the...
  6. Thompson Center Encore question

    Long Guns
    Ok gotta question guys, my go to hunting rifle is my Thompson encore 35 whelen. I love it but I’m a big guy and the length of pull is quite a bit short for me. If I could add about 3-4 inches to the stock I think it would be perfect. I’ve search several times but come up empty anyone ever modify...
  7. Bump Stock revisted

    Round Table
    From somewhere else.........:cool: District Court Finds Bump Stock Ban May Constitute a Taking, Because the Federal Government Lacks a Police Power "The Court will allow the federal government to try again and explain which enumerated power justifies the federal regulation and whether it allows...
  8. Refinish stock

    I don't do much wood refinishing, not as popular as it once was. But I am building me a 338 federal on a blue printed 700 action. I found me an older Fajen Stock that I would like to refinish. I don't want a high gloss finish. Something along the line of the picture below. Does anyone know...
  9. Circuit breakers tripped - Stock market

    Round Table
    Not the first time this has happened, and won't be the last time. Looks like the NYSE and other exchanges will halt trading today. Say Good Morning to the Bear. :rolleyes:
  10. The stock market...

    General Off Topic
    I'm not going to make absolute predictions, prognostications, recommendations or anything similar, but I will make these suggestions to anyone with any money in the markets: be very, very careful over the next several days, don't "buy the dip" unless you plan to put potato chips into it, and...
  11. Custom rifle stock builder or carpenter

    General Firearms Discussion
    Are there any local stock makers here in Mississippi? I have a stock project that requires more expertise than I have.
  12. 10/22 Wood stock question

    What kind of wood is on this Ruger 10/22? It is a 1986 model. Is it birch? Walnut? I don’t think I have seen one with the natural striping effect in the wood like this.
  13. Browning X-Bolt Stock Swap

    A friend of mine has a browning X-bolt that had one of those factory stocks that were rubberized and it turned gummy. Browning sent him a new stock. I'm no gun smith but comfortable sanding a barrel channel and sealing to free float a stock. Don't do bedding jobs though. Before I have him...
  14. Uh-oh...Dick's stock jumps due to earnings beat, pulling guns credited...

    Round Table
    Full disclosure, I don't own, have never owned and do not intend to buy any DKS in the foreseeable future (direct equity ownership). The recent gun stuff has nothing to do with it; it just isn't a subcategory industry I generally invest in. That said, here's what I know or have heard: Dick's...
  15. Stock extension

    Came across a vintage 1948 H&R Topper .410 with a kid kut stock. Gun is in great shape and the price was right so I got it. These aren’t really kid friendly at 3” chambers, so I’ll fix it for myself I said. Constructed of 1/4” aluminum. Not perfect but it will work. Kept me busy for a few hours...
  16. Swedish Mauser m/96 1916 w/ Elm stock

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    Though not exactly rare, I've been collecting Swedes for a while and just finally came across one with an elms stock a couple of weeks back. Due to the scarcity of walnut during WW1, they switched to elm for 1915 and 1916. The elm is definitely seductive! Being all matching with a range plate...
  17. Update: Bump stock suit injunctions

    Round Table
    Good news and not so good news. Excerpt:
  18. Bump Stock ban blocked by Federal court order

    Press Talk
    Just saw this . . . Looming Bump Stock Ban Blocked By Federal Court Order :: Guns.com
  19. Feinstein doesn't like GOA's bump stock suit

    Round Table
    Poor baby. :rolleyes: Excerpt:
  20. Short Stock vs Arm Brace

    General Firearms Discussion
    The title might have the key words, but I am asking you guys from your opinions. What is the "legal" difference between a short fixed length stock and an arm brace? I am guessing it is the words "stock" and "brace". Is it really illegal to fire a gun with an arm brace from the shoulder? .