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  1. House GOP Members Support Pres. Trump and U.S. Military - Call Out Dems

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    Disclaimer: Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Mike Kelly (R-PA) fan here!
  2. need support to be able to post classified

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    thanks trying to figure out how to post in classifieds
  3. Support Mississippi/Louisiana Photographer

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    His name is Keith Benoist. He photographs wildlife and is competing in a photo contest for dog pictures. You can see and vote for his picture at C#1 2019 G&G Good Dog Photo Contest | Garden & Gun Magazine or Garden & Gun - Good Dog Photo Contest. Thanks for looking. His entry is a...
  4. House votes to end support for Yemen war, rebuffing Trump

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    House votes to end support for Yemen war, rebuffing Trump WASHINGTON (AP) — The House on Thursday voted to end American involvement in the Yemen war, rebuffing the Trump administration’s support for the military campaign led by Saudi Arabia. The bill now heads to President Donald Trump, who is...
  5. President Trump Donates Salary to Support Small Businesses

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    President Trump Donates Salary to Support Small Businesses (CNSNews.com) - President Donald Trump donated part of his 2018 salary to the Small Business Administration (SBA), according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. “In keeping with his campaign pledge, the president...
  6. Reloading Giveaway to support Veterans Organization

    Starline Brass is doing a giveaway for 2 Reloading Prize Packages. One dollar from EACH ENTRY AND one dollar from EACH ORDER goes to America's Mighty Warriors, an organization that honors the sacrifices of our troops and the fallen and their families by providing programs that improve...
  7. Support of the NRA

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    My family has always been life members. When I got old enough and decided to enter the world of firearms, I just assumed that joining the NRA was the right thing to do. I never have been able to pay for a life membership in full or part so always paid yearly when I could afford it. Once again I...
  8. Some MS schools having a 2nd Amendment support walkout.

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    The link below should go to the map. A school in the Jackson area and the Picayune High School are doing a walkout on May 2. I signed up to help anyway I can.(in Picayune)...easy to get the info........use the link (If I put it in right) Students are planning over two hundred school walkouts FOR...
  9. Ruger auctions rare KP90 pistol to support youth shooting

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    Ruger auctions rare KP90 pistol to support youth shooting
  10. Super-rich ex-presidents and the taxpayers who support them

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    Super-rich ex-presidents and the taxpayers who support them
  11. SAF won't support arms at protests

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    I wonder if somebody put a bug in their ear, or if they just chickened out. Regardless, the Left/Antifa will put this in their win column. :mad: This position by the SAF also says they don't support the original intent of the Declaration of Independence, and subsequently the 2A, which as we...
  12. Local Middle School Archery Team Needs Support

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    Local Middle School Archery Team Needs Support My child Jade attends Simpson Central. We live in Florence. She became very interested in archery at a young age so needless to say, I'm a proud papa. Her team has really been working hard and have secured a spot in the 2017 World Archery...
  13. Everytown hires big name DC lobbying support group

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    Everytown hires big name lobbying support group
  14. Biloxi needs our support

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    Biloxi, Mississippi to reconsider "Great Americans Day" designation on MLK Day, mayor says - CBS News Biloxi needs the support of good mississippi citizens,
  15. Business Support

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    I'll support Newk's cause of this....
  16. Here's your opportunity to support the “Hillary for Prison Fund"

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    I have no idea whether or not this is legitimate, but I like the guy's approach: ------------------------ Every penny of support given to the “Hillary for Prison” Fund will go to researching and reporting on Hillary, Bill and their cronies employing Saul Alinsky tactics to seize power...
  17. Technical Support Offered

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    Hey everybody, I'm fairly new to this forum, but I just wanted to put it out there that I'm tech savvy and willing to help out if anyone has any specific computer trouble. I enjoy working on technology so feel free to reach out to me! All my friends, family, and coworkers are always coming to me...