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    Anybody buying any goodies this weekend (2A tax holiday)? Stopped by Gary's (Columbus) this morning around 10am to replenish the ammo I've burned in the last year :). Not as crowded as it has been in past years, but still more folks than usual in the place. In and out in about 10 minutes...
  2. Press Talk
    Sheriff Clarke no longer taking Homeland Security job
  3. Blades
    My house cleaning has brought this out of the safe ... something else just taking up room .. I know it has been sitting the safe for more than 30 years .... I believe it to be an Model 1860 Staff Officers Sword ... anyone got any ideas as to what it is?
  4. Press Talk
    I took this from a Gun forum from where I live , I rember when this happen and now with Orlando it puts it into a new light . Just so you know there are four shooting ranges in the area . L.I. Woman Arrested for taking Pictures of the Helicopter at Gabreski Airport - Long Island Gun Club