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  1. Red dot sight on Taurus Judge?

    Had any experience putting a rail or some attachment on a Taurus Judge for red dot scope?
  2. taurus 41 magnum

    General Firearms Discussion
    Though I had done good when I sold the last one I had for $450.00. Who knew? Taurus Titanium Tracker M425 Revolver .41 Magnum - Revolvers at GunBroker.com : 848288351
  3. Has anybody acquired a Taurus TX22?

    General Firearms Discussion
    (Sorry if this is a dupe.) Taurus is making a .22 semiauto now (made in the US as I understand): TX22. It comes with a threaded barrel; holds 16 rounds. It runs a little over $200. I have been thinking about one but most of the reviews say that they have a really rough barrel bore and that...
  4. Taurus raging bull 44 magnum 6-1/2” barrel

    I picked one up and have, as of yet, not even shot it. Anybody have any experience with one of these ? Advice on ammunition for it ? I know it will have recoil but not as bad as a Titanium snubby I shot.
  5. Taurus PT99.22 conversion kit

    I was in the market for a new .22 auto because the 9mms are getting expensive to shoot 3 or 4 times a week. I tried the Ruger SR22 and wasn't a fan; light primer strikes every magazine (it was a range rental, so rather dirty, but still . . .) and just felt too small in my hands. I wanted...
  6. S&W 442 Vs. Taurus 856 ultra lite

    I would like yall's input on a decision. First off the purpose of this pistol will simply be to wear it in an OWB holster around the house as I work from home. If I leave the house I will be wearing my M&PC. Just looking for a light revolver even though I could get an OWB holster for say my...
  7. Taurus Judge? Gimmick or worth a buy?

    General Firearms Discussion
    Never owned, shot, or even held one. Interesting concept and might buy one but for those who own one what is y'alls general opinion.
  8. Taurus 905 9mm revolver???

    Anyone owned or fired one of these? What did you think of it?
  9. New Taurus TX22 .22 rimfire pistol...

    General Firearms Discussion
    Taurus has announced a new striker fired polymer frame .22 rimfire pistol at SHOT Show... and this one has a 16 round magazine capacity... MSRP is $349. I do imagine this one will be selling at retailers for a sub- $300 price point. Taurus ® Debuts New TX22 Pistol | Taurus USA Home Watch...
  10. Taurus Model 86 Target Master

    Firearms Gallery
    I posted in another thread that I had found this thing and had no idea what it was. After looking through some old Shooters Bibles I finally found a picture and identified it. I just happened to be in the area today so I decided to have another look at it. They were asking $199 for it. It...
  11. Taurus Target Master

    I took off early last Friday and hit a bunch of pawn shops. Today I had a meeting at Camp Shelby. The rain cut it short so I had plenty of time to hit the pawn shops between Hattiesburg and Jackson. I only found three interesting ones, a Ruger Security Six, a S&W 12-3 and an oddball 6" barrel...
  12. Taurus Judge versus S&W Governor

    Does anyone have experience with both of these??? I'm curious if the Taurus will shoot .45 ACP like the Smith will?? I notice the Smith mentions it on the barrel, but the Taurus doesn't. For those with S&W Governor experience, does it use the same moon clips as the 25-2? I already have a...
  13. Taurus Firearms?

    General Firearms Discussion
    Never owned nor fired one but why all the hate towards Taurus firearms? Possibly plan on getting a few revolvers with the Taurus name on it later in the future but just curious on y'alls opinion on them.
  14. Taurus 96 22lr

    SA fires great but I have some light strikes in DA with some types of ammo. Probably a quick fix but I am moving on to another project.
  15. Mississippi Should Be That "Welcoming" To Gun Manufacturers!

    General Firearms Discussion
    Taurus CEO: Gun maker moved for growth, not shifting Florida gun laws Taurus USA’s intentions to move operations from Florida to a new manufacturing plant in Georgia is in no way related to the Sunshine State’s recent change in gun laws, according to the company. Questions regarding the intent...
  16. Taurus PT 840 feed issue fix

    I have a Taurus PT 840 that I took in a partial trade. I fired it with the rounds the guy provided and it seemed to work fine. When, later, I put a number of different rounds through it on my backyard range, It immediately became apparent why the guy wanted to trade it. It would only feed...
  17. Taurus guns and lack of recall?

    Press Talk
    How Defective Guns Became the Only Product That Can’t Be Recalled - Bloomberg Businessweek How Defective Guns Became the Only Product That Can’t Be Recalled — Bloomberg Businessweek Yes, it’s Bloomberg.
  18. 1911 .45 ACP - Used Taurus vs. New Rock Island

    I've been kind of looking for another full size 1911 after trading off my Para USA earlier this year. I'm wanting to stay in the $400-ish range. Here are some local options I've found: 1. Used Taurus $349 blued beaver-tail grip safety forward slide serrations Novak-style sights rail for...
  19. Taurus 738 TCP 380

    I picked up my Taurus 738 from my FFL. It came with a leather Bulldog holster. Now I need to get some ammo. When I got home I had a Tac-Force knife waiting.
  20. Taurus enters AR market

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Just saw this. Taurus enters AR market with gas impingement 5.56 made entirely in USA Taurus USA Introduces their New T4SA : The Outdoor Wire