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  1. TMMG's February Multigun - Sunday, 18Feb18

    Team Magnolia Multigun Club’s February Multigun (1, 2, or 3Gun, pistol/PCC only ok) February 18, 2018 All of our matches are any gun you want to use. You can shoot the whole thing with a pistol if you want. The only time we will tell you what gun to use is if you are a 3GN member shooting a 3GN...
  2. TMMG's April 2Gun - Saturday, April 15

    Team Magnolia Multigun Club’s April 2Gun Match Saturday - April 15 We call this a 2Gun match because you can shoot the entire match with rifle and pistol (or PCC). You can bring your shotgun and use it if you want, but you do NOT need one. This will be our first match using Range 6 (Stage 3...
  3. Result of Feedback - TMMG's August Shotgun Showdown

    After a poll and discussion garnered much more response than the one here did, I reached a solution that I believe is the best compromise of all the feedback I got from the March Steel Spectacular about how to have a "special" match that would appeal to the most people. Team Magnolia Multigun...
  4. March Steel Spectacular Feedback; possible changes for next "special" match

    Many of you know that the Steel Spectacular was the end result of the match staff's discussion on how to have a shotgun match. We reasoned that if we were to have a shotgun match, there would be around 10 people show up. Well, if you came to the match, you know that we had over 70 come to the...
  5. Team Magnolia Multigun Club's New Website

    Shooters, I made a website for the multigun club. I plan on using as the primary outlet of information, but I will of course stay on here and Facebook. Check it out here!
  6. March Steel Spectacular!

    Shooters, I wanted to give a little background info on this match first. It all started with Jason and I thinking about how cool a shotgun only match would be. Well we talked with Brooke, David Martian, and Stephen Sandridge, and we threw around a ton of ideas. All were great, and we decided...
  7. TMMG Raffle - Bryant's Machine Shop - Custom Receiver Set

    Shooters, Our industry sponsor, Bryant's Machine Shop, donated to us a lower and an upper receiver, he deep engraved our logo into, and he is INCLUDING the CERAKOTE color of the winner's choice in the deal too. We are doing a raffle for this. 100 tickets at $5 each, or you can get 5 tickets...
  8. Team Magnolia Multigun Shooter of the Year Program

    Shooters, I came up with the idea to have a sort of a points race for our matches, like a league of sorts to track participation and performance. One of our shooters, Justin Myers, figured out a formula that makes it work. What we did was assign a number of points based solely on the shooter...
  9. Updated January 2Gun Match Announcement - Sunday, January 22

    There was just too much to change in the old thread, so I made a new one. 2Gun Match - Rifle/Pistol 5 stage match. 4 stages of TMMG design, and one 3GN classifier. 3GN membership is NOT required to compete, NOR is membership of Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club required. The...
  10. Team Magnolia ICORE Match - Sunday, September 18 - The International Postal Match

    Team Magnolia ICORE Match Sunday, September 18 This is the ICORE Annual Postal Match. Which is 4 stages, that if you are an ICORE member and shoot revolver, we will send in your scores to be compared internationally. If you shoot outlaw, then no, your scores don't go anywhere. Divisions...
  11. Team Magnolia Multigun Club's First Industry Partner - Bryant's Machine Shop

    Proud to announce that our friends from Bryant's Machine Shop will be attending/participating in our carbine match on August 21 at Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club. They will be at the range that day showcasing what they're capable of. From supplying parts, building rifles, working on shotguns...
  12. Team Magnolia - Carbine Match - Sunday - August 21

    In honor of our new subforum, I decided to unveil our most anticipated match of the year so far: Team Magnolia Multigun Carbine Match Sunday, August 21 Since it’s rifle only we will only use paper targets and walls. So setup, teardown, and reset will be easy with no steel. We are trying...
  13. Carbine Match - Saturday, July 16

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    I wanted all the AR builders over here that might not peruse the competition forum to be aware of a new match we are having this month. It is the first practical match just for rifles at Magnolia RPC that to my knowledge has occurred in the last few years. (since I started shooting at least)...
  14. Team Magnolia - Carbine Match - Saturday, July 16

    Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    I am going ahead and posting this because I'm hoping that people will put it on their calendars now and plan to attend. Team Magnolia Multigun - Carbine Match Saturday, July 16 No belt rigs or holsters! No reloads! Untucked shirts! We know it’s hot this time of year so we are having a little...