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  1. Mississippi is changing its COVID-19 test strategy

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    Quote: --------------------------- The state of Mississippi is changing its COVID-19 test strategy, with a new focus on confirmed outbreaks rather than potential exposure to the disease. Mississippi Health Director said that the strategy is shifting. “This is gonna sound crazy but we hope to...
  2. New rifle, 1st range test tomorrow (today- 12:36am)

    Long Guns
    Got this in about 3 weeks or so ago from Oregon, and had some brass prepped for a couple weeks, but haven't gotten around to finishing the loads til tonight. This is one of the new-ish Bergara Ridge rifles with heavy-ish threaded barrel. Mine is chambered in 7mm-08 with 1:9.5 twist with 24"...
  3. AR pistols .300 BO ammo test

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    My son & I were finally able to sight in red dots & ammo test 2 different PSA AR 300 BO pistols today. Both 8.5 inch barrels & swapped my Deadair can back & forth. We shot both at 50 yards, 5 shot groups. His preferred the Sig Sauer 220gr while mine like the Hornady Black 208 gr AMAX...
  4. Eye test

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  5. People who test their 2A rights

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    I have a question and it’s bugged me for a while. Other than the obvious: being stupid, dangerous, within their rights, etc. what is everyone’s opinion on people trying to hard test their 2A rights? ie Walking into a Walmart with an AR just to see what will happen? There are videos all over...
  6. 30-06 Ladder Test H414 & 150 BT

    Starting to try and find a new deer load for 200 lbs and under to about 300 yards. Going to give H414 a try since temperature swings are moderate in Mississippi. Shooting a ladder test with 11 rounds starting at 54 grains and ending with 60. I think I've got something to work with as I got a...
  7. I took the test

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    I took a History quiz tonight. It said that if you get 9 out of 11 guestions you can see if you are a genius. I thought 12 questions, not. It was 108 questions. It covered World History and American History. I scored 98% . I think I only missed 2 or 3 questions out of 108. They guessed that I...
  8. .41 Mag LeveRevolution test

    Picked up a couple boxes of this ammo Monday, and tried it out this morning. It's a 190gr polymer tipped JHP. Loaded up the mag Monday to see if it would deform, and checked this morning - no noticeable deformation of the polymer tip, and no dents in the primers. Out to my backyard to punch...
  9. Ruger PRR Test

    Getting ready for a long range day testing Friday. Results to follow. Will be at 50 yards. Supported on front and rear bags. All unsuppressed. 5 shot groups. Will narrow down to top 4 supers and top 3 subs to test suppressed next trip. L>R 1.CCI MiniMag HP 1260fps 36gr - 1.538" 2.CCI Velocitor...
  10. Military Arms Channel - 1911 Torture Test

    General Firearms Discussion
    Well that was painful to watch but not surprising. I am curious if he’d used one of the old sloppy govt issue guns if it would have performed better. My guess is it would’ve been a significant improvement.
  11. Going to run a test to see how many here get distracted...

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    Sexy Bacon GIF - Tenor GIF Keyboard - Bring Personality To Your Conversations | Say more with Tenor
  12. NK nuke test site collapses

    Round Table
    Guess he'll have to dig another on somewhere else. :) North Korea nuclear base COLLAPSES 'killing at least 200 people' amid fears of massive radioactive leak
  13. US shoots down ballistic missile in test

    Press Talk
    US shoots down ballistic missile in test amid recent North Korean provocations
  14. Navy - New railgun test

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    Looks like they're getting the cooling/erosion problems under control with this tech. Big sucker tho - they'll need to bring the BB's back in service to tote this thing around. :wut: See the video at the link.
  15. US test to shoot down ballistic missile fails

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    US test to shoot down ballistic missile fails
  16. U.S. Missile Defense Test Over Pacific Ocean a Key Milestone

    Press Talk
    The Pentagon successfully tested a U.S. long-range interceptor missile over the Pacific Ocean SMOKE 'EM
  17. engines knowledge test

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    How much do you know about car engines?
  18. F-35 cannon finally gets a test in flight at 3,300 rounds per minute

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    F-35 cannon finally gets a test in flight at 3,300 rounds per minute (VIDEO)
  19. Scientific test today

    I performed a scientific test today in my shop. There were no animals or humans harmed in this test. I just got in an antique [really old] shotgun today to refinish. It is a model J.C. Higgins bolt action with a tubular magazine. I noticed that the safety did not engage . I had just slipped a...
  20. wanted: a few testers for adjustable gas blocks.

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    *All sample blocks currently spoken for, no more testers needed at this time, thanks everyone* We're working on a .750" adjustable gas block. We have 5 samples that we'd like to give out to people who will test them and give us feedback within 2 weeks of receiving them. We're in Clinton and...