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  1. The new Tikka t1x 22 lr

    Recently bought the new tikka 22 lr and man this thing will shoot. I mounted a nikon prostaff 3x9x40 with the efr target reticle. I have more ammo testing to do but this is what I come up with so far. - first group is with wolf match target 5 shots - second group is 10 shots with cci standard
  2. Need advice on a Tikka M 695 for scope mounts

    Long Guns
    I have a Tikka M 695 in .270WIN and I wanted to know if I could use the Warren Tikka scope mounts. I see them generally advertised for Tikka Rifles or the T3. I am 95% sure they will work since I believe the dovetail Tikka uses is the same on all their rifles. Warne 1" Tikka Fixed Rings...
  3. Tikka T3X Scope Base Mounting Issue

    Got a new Tikka T3X in 270 Winchester I'm starting to work on for a long range (400 yrd) deer and hog gun for next year. Working on prepping brass. Got 150 prepped except to skip turning the necks before I weight sort them. Finally got around to getting the rifle out of the box and went to...
  4. any problems with tikka rifles?

    Long Guns
    Has anyone had any bad experience with tikka rifles?
  5. Tikka tac a1 6.5cm

    Long Guns
  6. Finnish Mosin Nagant 1933 Tikka M27

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    New to me Finn M27. About 11,500 of these were made that year so it's a more common year for the M27 which had total production of around 60,000. Mr. Doug's book 'Rifles of the White Death' seems to say only 26,700 M27 were in inventory when Finland surplused the guns...most of the rest lost...
  7. Re barreling Tikka m695

    Anyone within a relatively short distance from Jackson do this? Thanks