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  1. Basic Precision Rifle Course June 13th-14th (few spots left)

    $225.00 near Brookhaven. Course participants will learn the basic principles of precision scoped rifle and foundational marksmanship skills. These objectives will be met over two days (2) by classroom presentation and practical application on the firing range. Topics include firearms safety...
  2. Dry Fire/Laser training is important!!

    Today was my first range day since starting to use the LASRx system and SIRT pistol/SIRT bolt, I cannot believe how much I improved my proficiency simply by having a few hours of SIRT practice at 4 yards in my living room. Surprisingly enough improving my pistol reloads really helped my AR...
  3. Weapon mounted training system for in Home

    Being laid up (literally,lol) for while, be interesting too have live target practice system, i could operate from bed. Can't really afford, but whats some thoughts on this?
  4. General Question About Tom Givens/Rangemaster/TAC-CON Training

    Anyone have any personal experience at one of these, good or bad? Testimonials? This one is in the Dallas/Carrollton, TX area. I know that Tom Givens used to be at/own Rangemaster in Memphis -- since closed -- but nothing more. I did not attend his TAC-CON when it was conducted in Memphis in...
  5. Belt for training classes

    I'm starting to consider taking training classes as I now have a Gov't schedule and 3 day weekends but I need a belt. I want a belt that doesn't break the bank (sub $150, preferably closer to $100) that I can use for my holster, pistol mags, AR mags, light, TQ, and IFA. I'm considering more of...
  6. Boondocks Training Option March / April

    Here are a few of the Guest Instructors and Training Options coming in this Spring Boondocks' Defensive Vehicle Tactics - March 2-3 Basic Pistol - Women Only - March 9th Land Navigation Course - March 9th IDPA Match - March 10th Boondocks' Defensive Pistol I - March 13-14 Boondocks' Defensive...
  7. Combat command fire training

    This is not for beginners. Training is live fire, including incoming fire from a sniper. About 1hr, 10minutes. "For lawful and legal defensive and educational applications only: This Rex Defense CCF exercise will enable you to understand the field reality of maximum effective ranges for...
  8. ECCW Training classes in Hattiesburg

    General Firearms Discussion
    I posted this in Training but got no response. Who’s got the best class I Hattiesburg? Ready to get my ccw. I’m sure it’s been hashed over before and will get varying opinions.
  9. Gun Group Announces National Training Event for Houses of Worship

    Press Talk
    USCCA Offers Free Training To Protect Houses Of Worship Gun Group Announces National Training Event for Houses of Worship November 1, 2018 4:20 pm The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) announced on Thursday its latest online training event would focus on protecting houses of...
  10. Man arrested at New Mexico compound was training kids to commit school shootings

    Press Talk
    Video and photos at link: Man arrested at New Mexico compound was training kids to commit school shootings, court documents say
  11. Training Options Within Approx 1 Day Drive

    Didn't really know how else to title my question so here goes. Many of you have probably seen and/or heard of Front Sight Gun Range and Training Center out in the Las Vegas area. They have multiple tiers of training programs apparently ranging from beginner to advanced tactical. What I am...
  12. Utah Nonresident CCW Training

    I'm posting this for an associate. Please contact him directly with any questions. ##### The training class for the Utah nonresident CCW permit can be given any day during the period 4 - 8 December 2017. Training cost is $65.00. Location is Tupelo. If you are interested in this please reply...
  13. Enhanced CCW training questions

    I'm not seeing Enhanced CCW classes offered or discussed much any more. Are people still conducting them? At one time there was debate about whether or not that training was for the person's lifetime or if it had to be redone at each CCW permit renewal time. Was that ever resolved? Thanks.
  14. AR Training Saturday

    North Mississippi
    Have a few slots open for the AR class Saturday October 28th. Start time is 7:30. You’ll need hearing and eye protection, 300 rounds of ammo. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty as you will be on the ground. Cool start, 40’s warming up to low 50’s. Registration 662 427-0374
  15. Camp Shelby Drone training

    Press Talk
    This is interesting. Caught a segment on Foxnews about it. Camp Shelby just opened up a new military training center - first and only one in the country. They even have a mock up Mosque! Foxnews video report showing Mosque, etc. DHS enlists Mississippi State Univ. to evaluate drone usage
  16. Practical shotgun/pistol training course @ home -- Ideas welcome

    General Firearms Discussion
    I'd like to put together a home-made range/training course to brush up on some skills and tactics with a few friends. A shotgun would be used as a primary weapon with pistol or revolver as secondary. None of us are 3 gunners so, for the sake of training, I'll try to limit our hardware to a...
  17. Does NRA’s self-defense insurance disallow training for 1911s, revolvers?

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    Does NRA’s self-defense insurance disallow training for 1911s, revolvers?
  18. Mississippi guardsman killed in training exercise Facebook Twitter Email

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    Mississippi guardsman killed in training exercise RIP. Prayers for the survivors and families of them all. :usa:
  19. CMP Range Officer Training Course

    I was just reading about it on the CMP website. Has anyone here taken the CMP Range Officer Training Course? Or any of the other courses they offer? Opinions?