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  1. UMMC doctors build emergency ventilators

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    'It's not fancy, but it works': Mississippi doctor uses garden hose, lamp timer and electronic valve to create makeshift ventilators Sarah Fowler Mississippi Clarion Ledger JACKSON, Miss. — As states across the country beg for ventilators to help patients suffering with respiratory issues from...
  2. UMMC shooting yesterday afternoon

    Round Table
    A bad situation for sure..... BUT, it hit too close to home for me. My son works at UMMC and he was off work and sitting at the traffic light coming out of the parking area, trying to go home when the shooting happened. The shooting was only a couple of hundred yards from where he was sitting...
  3. Active Shooter at UMMC???

    Press Talk
    UMMC sent text to employees and students that there was active shooter in Parking Garage B(daughter is at work there), JPD tweeted it wasn't an active shooter situation? Anybody know anything else?
  4. UMMC Purse Carry where dropped purse discharged firearm

    Mississippi Concealed Carry
    Has anyone heard any updates on the lady that dropped her purse and her firearm went off at UMMC a while back? She was arrested, but I never heard what happened. It was all over the news. I emailed the reporter for the Clarion Ledger, but never heard back.
  5. BCBS Insurance

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    Anybody else get the notice that University of Ms Medical Center(UMMC), Batson Children’s Hospital, UMMC Grenada and UMMC Holmes County will no longer be in network for Blue Cross starting July 1st?
  6. UMMC post new signs

    Mississippi Concealed Carry
    This is in another thread, but wanted MS Cary to be aware of it. And wanted to know if this is something MS Carry would go after. thanks UMMC post new signs
  7. UMMC post new signs

    Mississippi Gun Laws
    It seems UMMC has posted new signs, or at least I have not noticed them before. This one was posted at the entrance to a parking lot for the University of Mississippi Medical Center main campus in Jackson. (first observed 9/6/16) I've read the AG Opinion No. 2011-00365 I've also read IHL...