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  1. Walther PPQ???

    Anybody familiar with these? The reviews sound pretty good. Trying to decide if I need this one. That’s a good price with the threaded barrel. I need to take my suppressor with me and see if the sights are high enough.
  2. Walther PPKs made in USA

    General Firearms Discussion
    Does anyone know why some these models are marked made in the USA on one side and on the other side Imported by interarms?
  3. New Product Announcement: Walther CCP M2 9MM

    CCP M2 - Walther Arms
  4. Opinions requested: Walther PPK/S .22LR

    Saw one of these recently, matte blue steel, made in Germany. Wondering if anyone has experience with these. Seems well made but I've had bad experience with a previous Walther .22 pistol (P22) and don't want to shell out $350 only to have a jam-o-matic. TIA!
  5. 1962 Walther PP

    Firearms Gallery
    Picked up a 1962 West German Walther PP today. Feel like a thief this thing is near mint and I paid pennies on the dollar.
  6. Colt Walther AR 10/22

    General Firearms Discussion
    Saw this listing on Armslist For all those folks who've always wanted a Colt Walther AR 10/22 Carbine
  7. Walther PPK/S Rear Sight Replacement

    I acquired a nice little Wather PPK/S made by S&W a while back, but the rear sight is chipped. It still has enough to be functional, but it's an eyesore. I have tried replacing rear sights myself (on an old Winchester 94) but the results were less than stellar. Is there anyone around the Jackson...
  8. Walther recalls CCP pistols

    Walther recalls CCP pistols