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    Quarantined myself to the river camp the last few days and hit a few dead lakes. Water had just fallen out and the fishing was pretty good. This is one afternoon.
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    17-year-old teenager sues his parents for being born white 17-YEAR-OLD TEENAGER SUES HIS PARENTS FOR BEING BORN WHITE Share500K Tweet St-Louis, MO | A 17-year-old is undertaking one of the most controversial lawsuits of the history of the country as he is suing his own biological parents for...
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    Black Valedictorian Has to Share With White Girl, So She Makes Sick Move Forum decorum .......
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    Reality Winner: Accused leaker wanted to 'burn the White House down'
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    Jury finds white Oklahoma cop not guilty in deadly shooting of unarmed black man
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    What happened to you white people?
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    Mississippi submits a $7 billion road work wish list to the White House
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    Vanna White on turning 60: 'Age is just a number'
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    As I said. Liars and not worth listening to any of the mainstream 5th column media. Spicer accuses media of ‘false reporting’ in fiery briefing
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    MORE! Forget that we are in the most debt ever imagined, veterans can't get proper health care and we still have poor and homeless AMERICANS among more issues than I can recall... White House plans to accept at least 110,000 refugees in 2017
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    She also could be immediately confronted with a choice about a Supreme Court vacancy that could set the tone for her relationship with Congress, and she plans to immediately champion new measures on campaign-finance reform and ending legal immunity for gun manufacturer With a comfortable lead...
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    Probably a ford backfired.
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    Gutfeld: White House lying liars think you're stupid This is a week old but it shows what a bunch of sorry bastards are doing to us and the country, and they are getting away with it, and even after the liberal media have been told they have been lied to because they are so stupid they will...