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  1. Survival/Preparedness/Self Sufficiency
    I have been a closet pepper for 10+ years. I don't go crazy and its not the only thing i talk about. It is only discussed with my closest friends. And my wife has been OK with it and has seen some value in being prepared. Now, she wants to really prep. She has been so bothered by what the...
  2. Mississippi Cooking Forum
    Gross! I hate chicken but at least it’s chicken breast! Smashed it with some of this and some olive oil to make it stick,stuck it all in a gallon ziplock bag for a few hours. Buttered and rapped sweat corn as well. Stuck it right on top the fire for the first few minutes and sired the hell...
  3. Chaplain's Corner
    At the ER with the wife. She's thinking it's another kidney stone. Got pulled over and ticketed by Harrison County Sheriff Dept for "careless driving" on the way. Can't win for losing.
  4. Chaplain's Corner
    My wife and I have been waiting for all the bureaucratic ducks to get in a row. Well, they are in a row. We found out today that her surgery is scheduled for July 19th. She will be having 3 fibroids removed from her uterus.
1-4 of 9 Results