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    Was given a cool old Winchester today. Truly a sad story. Went through a house fire. Got hot enough for the stocks to burn off. Not sure what I’ll do with it. Probably just hang it on the wall in my office. May try to get it unstuck and see if it will fire without exploding. Probably not...
  2. Long Guns
    I'm looking at purchasing a new shotgun for turkey/duck. I found a nice used Win. SX4 in Bottomland $429 and a used Stoger M3500 in a marsh pattern $499. Anybody have experience in either? Dont know which one to get. Camo pattern is not an issue.
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    Pretty interesting video at link. WATCH: Behind The Scenes At The Winchester Centerfire Ammunition Plant
  4. General Firearms Discussion
    Here’s an old Winchester 1890 with a cool engraving. If old Winchester’s were my thing, I’d be tempted but I don’t even know what these go for. Win. 1890 WRF Summit Gun Broker usually has a really good selection of cheap .40s too.
  5. Rimfire
    Saw an article about the new Wildcat 22lr Winchester has. Can use Ruger 10/22 mags and the whole action comes out with one motion so the barrel can be cleaned from either end. I don't care for the stock though, seems like they ran short of plastic. Any body tried one yet?
  6. Long Guns
    This is pretty nice! Cimarron Exclusive: Winchester 1894 Review - GunsAmerica Digest
  7. Firearms Gallery
    Over the last few weeks I had found four guns at pawn shops that I wanted. After doing some research this one won out. It is an uncommon variation of the 73 so I spent several hours reading in my Winchester book and online to make sure it wasn't a fake. Everything seemed to check out so it...
  8. General Firearms Discussion
    I have a pretty much mint condition 1952 Model 42. It’s been in the safe since I’ve had it. Would I be an idiot to take it out and shoot for a day?
  9. Reloading/Ammunition
    I have a older JM 30/30 and the wife has a Pre-64 Winchester. I like lever guns and was wondering if a 30/30 could be used effectively from out to 200 yards? I was thinking of reloading for the caliber with maybe some 130-140 FTX bullets if it would allow me to push out to 200 yards if need be...
  10. General Firearms Discussion
    just curious about opinions on price on one if you found one in 90% original condition. I don't have it yet so no pics at this time but if I get it I will post them up It's beauty
  11. General Firearms Discussion
    Workers for the design company DiVittorio and Associations help install the new exhibit at the visitor center at Great Basin National Park in Baker, Nev. for the “Forgotten Winchester,” an 1882 rifle that was discovered leaning against a tree in 2014. (National Park Service via AP) By...
  12. Gunsmithing
    Ive restored and rebuilt guns, modern and antique, for years and have recently come across an issue i might need some advice on. While disassembling a recently purchased Win 22 mag lever action, i came across some scarring in the top of the barrelled receiver assembly. I knew that there was...
  13. Long Guns
    Never seen one before today. Real neat old rifle in an interesting caliber.
  14. Handguns
    WINCHESTER 38 Special 130 Grain Full Metal Jacket : Product Warning & Recall Notice
  15. Reloading/Ammunition
    I received an email from Winchester advising the following: Winchester has issued a recall for three lots of .38 Spl. 130-gr. FMJ center-fire ammunition. A press release issued reads as follows: “Olin Winchester, LLC (“Winchester”) is recalling three (3) lots of 38 Special 130 Grain Full Metal...
  16. Firearms Gallery
    I was looking through my photos for a specific view of one of my '73's and spotted these of my Winchester 68. I found this one at the Kittery Trading Post in Kittery, ME back in '04 and used to really enjoy shooting it. I need to dig around in my safe and find it. It shoots great but hasn't...
  17. Reloading/Ammunition
    Been trying to develop a load with Barnes 120 TTSX and RL 22 but haven’t been able to get under an inch 3 shot group. Maybe I found a load with 140 SGK SPBT with RL19. Shooting a ladder and pressure test from 43.0 - 46.9. Book max was 45.5 but I’m seated different (closer to the lands) from...
  18. General Firearms Discussion
    I just got a new to me 336 in 32 Winchester Special. It has the 24" barrel and the half tube. According to the serial number it is from 1950. Anyone have one like this? What is your opinion on the caliber? Thanks
  19. Reloading/Ammunition
    Anyone have any experience with this ammo, good or bad?
  20. Reloading/Ammunition
    Bought a box today on a whim. Never shot it, so figured why not try it out. 115gr fmj. $10/50rds. Any of y'all ever shoot this stuff and what did you think about it?