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  1. Ruger standard wood grips

    Anyone know where I can pick up a set of wood grips for an old Ruger standard/MKI pistol?Nothing fancy and dont want to pay a whole lot. Preferred unfinished because I would like to stain them. I want them to be specific without cutout for bolt stop/lock.
  2. Another Simple Reclaimed Wood Project

    General Off Topic
    I think I'm gonna use it as a simple tv stand
  3. 10/22 Wood stock question

    What kind of wood is on this Ruger 10/22? It is a 1986 model. Is it birch? Walnut? I don’t think I have seen one with the natural striping effect in the wood like this.
  4. How do you maintain the wood on your milsurps?

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    What, if anything, do you do to the wood on your rifles? Not refinishing, just maintaining the original finish.
  5. Wood turning question

    General Off Topic
    I know someone here will know the answer. I am going to buy my dad the curved tool rest for his Powermatic lathe for Father’s Day. He is left handed but turns with the motor to his left which I assume is a right handed setup. Do I buy the RH or LH rest? Thanks! He’ll certainly appreciate your...
  6. Got Wood ???

    Firearms Gallery
    I have always loved wood. Always hated to paint over any wood with good grain and nice “fire”. Decided my evil “black gun” might look nice with some wood. So...... Pics of my latest build project (in progress). Started with stripped lower and upper and assembled everything from parts. New...
  7. Need a wood block base for my ceramic sticks

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    If any of you guys do wood work, and have some nice scraps of wood left over from various projects, I'd like to pay you to make me a small base in which to put my small ceramic knife sharpener sticks. They came in a plastic base which has long ago cracked and now is unstable. I'd say something...
  8. Well, Jacktown made a James Wood tweet...

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  9. Painting vs staining wood stock

    This isn't a gunsmith question per se but i dont know where else to post this. I bought a hardware store single shot 16 gauge a while back for 55 bucks. It is mechanically sound and fires as it should but it looks like dog crap. I bought it as a fun project gun, nothing more. It is a Stevens 94...
  10. Wood trivia

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    Did you know that the very first nuclear sub- the USS Nautilus - used wood bearings for the aft mainshaft struts? The wood used was lignum vitae, the densest (doesn't float), hardest wood on the planet. It has also been used for many other things, due to it's durability and toughness, and is...
  11. Question about installling sling studs in wood stocks.

    I have my own technique for installation of sling studs in synthetic and wood stocks. My question is after you drill into the wood and screw in the sling post, Do you put a dab of glue on the thread?" What brand or type glue do you use? I usually put a small amount of bar hand soap when I...
  12. Portable wood buildings

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    I have a wood building like the ones you see for sale on the side of the road everywhere, it's the Graceland brand, got it here in town about 5-6 years ago. It is 14 x 24, has been good. It was more expensive than I really wanted to pay but I was moving and I needed something right away and it...
  13. Birch wood Casey blue kit

    Anyone got a guess as to when this was made? DIL Found this in her Grandmothers store, never been opened. Ronnie
  14. METAL & WOOD

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    can you spot my f-up on the ak? terrorist good terrorist
  15. Life lessons in a piece of wood

    Round Table
    You can learn a lot about life and warfare from a piece of wood. :) This old article (one in a series ) about spalting illustrates that.
  16. Free wood

    North Mississippi
    I have a couple medium size soft maple logs, and a pile of other assorted hardwood cutoffs available free to the first one near Hamilton who says gimme. Some suitable for small projects. You haul.
  17. Tiny Wood Stove Build

    Survival/Preparedness/Self Sufficiency