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'Gun Trace Report' details origins of Chicago guns, possible solutions

The new report states that the CPD recovered just under 7,000 guns each year from 2013 through 2016, and is on pace to exceed that in 2017. As was also noted in the 2014 report, the number of guns recovered by the CPD, on a per capita basis, far outpaces gun recovery numbers in New York City and Los Angeles.

City leaders have long bemoaned the relatively lax gun laws in Indiana as a driver of gun violence in Chicago. Indiana does not require background checks when gun sales occur at gun shows or between private parties.

According to the new report, 21 percent of guns recovered in Chicago from 2013 through 2016 were initially purchased in Indiana.
As was the case in the 2014 report, more than 9 percent of the guns recovered from 2013 through 2016 were found to have originated from Wisconsin and Mississippi.

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Let me get this straight: All law abiding gun owners in Mississippi need to be deprived of our Constitutional rights so a handful of criminals won't be able to steal our guns and ship them to other criminals in Chicago.

Nothing wrong with that plan. [/sarcasm]

We need to ban ink and paper and computer printers to make sure nobody can write a hold-up note or a defamatory document.

And we could ban telephones to prevent bomb threats.

And if we could ban motor vehicles car thefts would go down and no one would be killed in a car accident.

See how that works?
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