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I look for these kind of guns myself! However, I will be the first to admit that my brain works different than most people so there is that. I like these kind of guns for 1. The price you can usually get them for. 2. There is always a mistery to them in my mind on how they got in the shape they’re in. Yes most likely, it is a mater of not taken care of by previous owner, but, what if it’s been “rode hard and put up wet”. What if it was some old cowboy that carried it everyday while ranching. What if it’s protected the previous owner from coyotes, snakes, etc. I know, that’s dreaming big for a pitted revolver, but they can’t talk so you never know. I have a couple guns that look like this, they ain’t pretty, but they function just fine. And all this to say…..it is a Colt, and it is cool!!
The story is always interesting. One specialized area of collecting came to my attention a few years ago: "dug" guns. These are old firearms, usually SAA revolvers, with one or more spent rounds in the cylinder and live ones as well. Implies the owner was deceased, and the revolver had lain there for perhaps 100 years or more, and someone dug them up, found either during excavation or by someone with a metal detector.
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