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$10 DIY Night Sights???

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Saw this recommended on another board. Thinking about giving it a tryout.
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I used some similar paint for the sights on an old airgun; It'll glow brightly for about 10-15 minutes after exposure to light and then fade quickly. It's like those old glow-in-the-dark toys, or the hands on a watch. It has to be recharged with light.
ree_countrygirl said:
im wondering if u could charge it with a flash light for shootin critters at night
That's what I did; ever so often, I'd shine my light right on it and it'd be good to go for a little while longer.
For those 10 or 15 minutes, you could see it pretty easily; nothing like tritium or anything, but you can see it well enough to line your sights up. For the first couple minutes, it's very bright; but, after that it gets fairly dim...you can't get your sights lined up super quick like you can with the tritium, but if you have two or three seconds to line up that front sight, it'll do the trick.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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