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10 Guns to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia (VIDEOS) - Guns.com 10 Guns to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia (VIDEOS)

In the past century, the hard-working industrialized heart of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire has been a powerhouse when it comes to firearms development.

This week the Central European countries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia are celebrating the centennial of their shared independence that was officially proclaimed in Prague on Oct. 28, 1918.

“We have always been a nation of hard-working, smart and creative people,” said Andrej Babiš, prime minister of the Czech Republic, on the occasion of the nation’s 100th birthday. “Already as part of Austria-Hungary, we were the industrial heart of the empire. But it was only the establishment of a separate state that gave our potential the chance for full expression. Our country is not as big as Germany, Italy or Poland, but we know how to get our bearings quickly and how to come up with new, fresh solutions.”

While Babiš was talking about the country as a whole, it should be noted that his remarks could very well be applied when it comes to Czechoslovak-designed and produced firearms. Even before the split with the Austrian Kaiser, the region was home to the storied Waffenwerke Skoda arms plant which supplied artillery, heavy guns (including the vaunted M.11 siege mortars that pulverized many believed impregnable fortresses in WWI) and ammunition to a large swath of Europe. Then came other plants and other guns.

Read the article for the "Top 10" list. [Partial spoiler alert: Yes, the CZ 75 is on it.]

And, just in time as if on cue:

CZ introduces trio of new optics-ready P-10 models (VIDEO) - Guns.com

Those looking for CZ P-10s that come factory standard with the ability to incorporate optics have three new U.S.-made offerings headed their way. CZ-USA announced the new Kansas City-made models via social media last week in P-10S subcompact, P-10C compact and P-10F full-size variants.

Each ship with a blank filler plate with plates for both the Trijicon RMR and Leupold DeltaPoint Pro available with an option to co-witness the iron sights. With that being said, they still incorporate irons in the form of a single tritium lamp in the front with a large orange surround and a serrated black combat rear. All are in 9mm.
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