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10mm ammo in Jackson area?

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The only place I found any is Bass Pro and only Remington UMC's. Anybody know of any other places around Jackson?
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I got 200 rounds for ten bucks from a store in the delta during deer season . they had been on the shelf for about 4 years and the guy was tired of having to knock the dust off the boxes .
the napa that sells the hunting lisences and guns . i bought evey box they had at that price i wood have bout every box they had
i have no clue i was hunting with a friend and he drove. all i remeber is it was flat land it was sleeting and i saw a bear crossing sign and thought some dirty woods becasue i was sleeping in a tent . we were hunting on dummy line road by the river and had to drive 15 minets to get to the town.
that sounds about right . doubt he ordered anymore
they have guns, bows, bullets, calls . everything you need. atleast they did during deer season . And they give you free coffe which is nice after you sleep in a tent all night and the bottle of water in your tent is frozen when you wake up . prices are resonable on bullets .
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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