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I am posting just the match results for now. When I get back from getting something to EAT... I will post my match report and some pictures. STAY TUNED..... :)

Scores pending M1GarandFan's verification....

CONGRATS again to PhillipM on kicking our butts with a GARAND.

Back soon..........................


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Now... The Rest of the Story...........

Once again..... I arrived at 7:30 AM and M1GarandFan had almost all the match gear loaded into his truck. M1-Fan, you need to wait for some HELP........ Not just the match gear at the range, but M1-Fan had about 12 HEAVY ammo cans he keeps at home. That is A LOT of TOTING...............

The day turned out BEAUTIFUL, but this morning was friggin COLD.... My poor little hands and feet got COLD.......... :)

Relay 1 getting ready to shoot. We had 2 relays today for a total of 13 shooters.

My spot for Relay 1 on Target 1 shooting a Garand.

10 targets setup ready for some BULLET HOLES....................

Bubba-T and Neck came out to shoot Hi-Power. Bubba-T manned-up and shot while Neck chickened out...............

I found a place for my AK while I shot my Garand in Relay 1............. :)

However.... this represents how I did with my Garand today........ Poor ! ! !

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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PhillipM showing everyone how to KICK BUTT while shooting a Garand left-handed. Long Live the Leftys.... (like me).

Uncle Ralph had some GOOD grub ready for us between Relays 1 & 2.

My AK-47 and some shiney brass-cased (reloadable) ammo ready for Relay 2. The AK is a Romy-G kit that 2 guys from work and I built. We even bent the flat (receiver).

Shoe shooting the last round of the day..... I think this was the "X" he got Slow-Fire Standing. I just so happened to catch the clip and brass in flight. Poor Shoe still had some "Garand issues" today. Hey, he is learning....... quickly.

Well.................... We are done for 2010. Time to finally clean the guns and find or load more ammo for next year.

The 2010 Hi-Power matches have been SUPER FUN.............. THANKS M1GarandFan for all the HARD WORK you have put forth to make the HP matches so FUN. See you guys in 2011............


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Thanks for all the pictures Dan! When I hit the sitting position I was pointed the wrong way and muscled it over and the score proves it.

Always establish natural point of aim!

Lefties are in their right mind! In the middle of the slow prone I thought about getting a SLED (single round loading device) then realized it's only right handed people that have a problem single loading in a Garand.


There are a couple Garand safety issues about single loading I saw that some may not even know were dangerous.

The Garand is designed to be loaded from it's eight round clip. Forward bolt speed is regulated by the friction of stripping a round out of the clip. When there is no clip, the bolt is moving at a greater speed and coupled with it's free floating firing pin, it could slam fire. If one is using reloads with soft primers this is doubly true. The correct method is to close it halfway then let go of the operating handle, which leads to the second thing I saw.

DO NOT treat the M1 operating handle as a forward assist! If the bolt does not close, pull it back and let the spring shut it. Never, never, never put part of your hand behind the operating handle because if it fires you will be hurt!

More on the subject and an anecdote from our own Mr. Bowser can be found here


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PhillipM: Some great advise!! Actually I never thought about closing the bolt 1/2 way and then letting it go home ... Learned something very useful here today ... thanks for sharing!!

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Scores are correct, SGF. I always try to get to the range by 7:00 a.m. so I can open the gate and get the sign up before we have someone come in and set up on the 300 yard range. :blink: I usually don't have to have so many ammo cans, but when Neck said he was coming, I just wanted to be prepared :lol4: . I'm really looking forward to next year since we are getting even more people to come out to the matches. A big :thanx: to "Uncle Ralph" for cooking for us. Nothing like a fun match with a great lunch to make the day. :10: Thanks for posting the pictures too. It was a fantastic last match.

P.S. Thanks for the info, Phillip. I had actually read up on that just recently and printed out that same article to show to SGF, but I forgot and left it at the house. Oh yeah, please don't forget to sign your scorecard next time :p and congrats on winning the match :youdaman:

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PhillipM - Congrats on being the "top shot" at this match.

M1GarandFan - Thanks for all you did during the year to make these matches fun and successful.

SubGunFan - Great shooting with your AK!

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Single loading a Garand right handed is easy. Insert the ctg into the chamber, lock the middle finger over the op rod handle, depress the follower and pull back the op rod with the middle finger. Then let the op rod go forward and get your index finger out of the rifle and let go.

No reason to break position or look like a pretzel.


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Great pics, Dan. When I grow out of this 20+ year sentence of action pistol shooting sports, someone is going to have to teach me how to shoot a rifle at long range. All I've ever done is USPSA 3-Gun.

You guys really know how to lay them in there. When I do, I'm bringing my AK!
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