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12g pistol

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Anyone else besides me want one of these?
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I could do without the gold but the general idea is pretty neato!
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If I can shoot a 44 mag snubnose 1 handed should be able to shoot this one too. I'd bet it is a hoot to shoot but bet the novelty would wear off quick having to load it.
It ain't got anything on a 4" 500 magnum I guarantee it.
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I’ve shot a 500S&W handy rifle.......my 12g is MUCH worse.
With 2 ³/4 shells?
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Yep......I use 3” and 3 1/2” shell load data for high brass 2 3/4” shells because of the payload. The minie ball is 2oz of lead......you need a bunch of powder to get those down range with authority!
Well, if it's too much worse than a 500 I dont want none.

The 500 magnum snubbie was manageable and fun to shoot but too much more would just be punishmen .
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