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Finally got to the range to sight in my 17 hmr with the 6-24x50 vortex crossfire scope. Took me a minute to get used to the clicking but finally got it dialed in. Man that 24x REALLY brings it in close! :eek: I am impressed with the accuracy. I was able to pick off a dime at 50 yards (altho with that scope at 24x it looks like a silver dollar! Lol). Wish I hadve had a little more range to play with but was limited to 50 yards. That's ok. It was fun. Hope to be able to stretch its legs soon. Wanna see what it looks like out to 200.

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nonnieselman said:
I tried shooting my Savage 22 out to 600yds,, :D
Didnt have a clue where they were hitting so i stopped..
Sounds like something I would do!! :lol3:
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