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1903A3 metal question??

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I've got a Rem. 03A3 in the 3,300,000 range (barrel 1-43) unfired (I think), sport-arized with Parkerized barrel and receiver. the trigger guard and bottom metal is blue. Anyone know whether this is as-issued or not?[i[url=http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=11&u=15693737]

This is my first time trying to send a picture, excuse if it doesn't work out too well. thanks...
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Knowing the history of the rifle, I didn't think it was after-market, but it really doesn't look military. If you click on the link above the above picture, there is a picture of the rifle. Thanks a lot Doug...
(I'm still working on this "sending pictures" thing)
one nuance I'd like to learn is how to get the bolt out. Anybody know how? Thanks,...
Thanks a bunch. I knew about the magazine cutoff, but I never would have found the bolt release.
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