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1911 FPS Oversize Square Bottom

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by TigerTactical, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. TigerTactical

    TigerTactical Distinguished Poster

    Who has installed the square bottom hand fit firing pin stops on your 1911 and what was your experience thoughts on the mod? I feel like for shooting +p and into 45 super this is the weak link in Mt setup.
  2. Glide Rider

    Glide Rider Distinguished Poster

    I run and prefere the small radius stop on all mine. As I understand it is the original design used by JMB. By working lower on the hammer it slows the barrel coming out of battery and the slide speed because you can and should run a slightly softer spring in the slide. This increases dwell time over the magazine for better pick-up of the next round. Now because your no longer over sprung the slide doesn't hammer back into battery jerking the nose down. I often have the holes touching when doing double taps.

    The down sides are Susan has a hard time racking the slide, the cure is cocking the hammer... then the slide is light and smooth like on ball bearings, I don't notice it. Also the cycle rate will be slightly slower but unless it's a race gun you'll never notice.

    A small radius firing pin stop along with adjusting the spring weight some of the first tweaks my 1911's get.

    Check out Harrison designs... He has stops for the different versions of 1911 that will just need fitting and a radius added on the bottom. Top shelf stuff

  3. TigerTactical

    TigerTactical Distinguished Poster

    I guess this is the one thing I was not aware of back when I built some 1911s. There must be a sweet spot between radius size, spring rate, and shooting fast. I read other accounts of folks feeling that recoil was lighter. Now I'm thinking it can have a slight effect of better powderburn.
  4. Glide Rider

    Glide Rider Distinguished Poster

    Might be a touch lighter, but I think it's just different how the push ramps up.

    My current favorite 1911 is a tweaked up Ruger Commander. Has a small rad stop and a 16# spring. I have also played with a 14# and it's not quite enough. With that said it will run anything you put thru it from powder puff to defense. It feeds from any of my mags from ACT to Wilson's, even some $6 mil surp gun show ones after I worked there lips.

    There is a sweet spot...If the ramp angle, etc. is right and you get the springs right it will feed about anything and you get fast follow up shots because you never come off target.
  5. TigerTactical

    TigerTactical Distinguished Poster

    Excellent that is the improvement I'm "shooting" for..
    I'm wanting to load some 45 super also.
  6. TigerTactical

    TigerTactical Distinguished Poster

    So I got 3 EGW FPS from Brownells in last week. I have now installed all 3 and shot 2.
    I am amazed at the suttle but excellent difference. The pistols shoot and feel much better. The feeling is that the pistol has a more straight back recoil. This will be part of the recipe for any 1911 that I build in the future. I was able to put a lighter recoil spring in my comp gun. I am using 9.5 grns HS6 & 200grn Blackmaxx bullets, my comp gun is more controllable and the slide is not coming back into battery so hard that it dips. My carry gun just feels better. I still have no sights on the carry gun as I'm doing a recoat with the Teflon Moly bake on paint. That said I was able to shoot a 3 inch 7 yard group with no sights and the gun comes straight back instead of up and to the left. I want to call these "Torque Tamers". Very happy with the results and now realize this is one of the very best improvements to the 1911 for the money. Also I had zero functional failures.
  7. tek4260

    tek4260 Distinguished Poster

    I installed one in my Range Officer for shooting 260-280gr cast SWCs. I felt like it was a better option for controlling slide velocity than going to heavier recoil springs. With the small radius stop and a 16# spring, my empties eject the same distance as 230gr factory loads did with the stock stop. Not very "scientific", but it was the best way I had to compare slide velocity and make sure I wasn't battering the pistol. My theory was that if the ejection distance was the same, then the slide velocity was as well. My loads clock at 877fps, and it hasn't had a single failure in over 1000 rounds.

    FWIW, the pistol still functions fine with factory 230s. It just cuts the ejection distance in half.
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