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1911 safety

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i have read in Nov/Dec 2010 "American Handgunner" magazine that the single side thumb safety can be accidentally knocked off safety. i have questions.


1. What exactly does that side safety disengage/block/ stop etc.?
2. How does one accidentally knock this off?
3. Is this even a real issue, or is it just something to deter 1911 purchases?
4. How does that safety work? (Do you push it up to fire, or down to fire?)
5. How can this issue be nullified?
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1. Safety blocks the sear, so it can't move out of the hammer notch.
2. Body movement, most ccw holsters hold the weapon in tight to the body for concealment. In the case of an ambi-safety arm movement can knock it off.
3. Yes its a real issue. But not something to turn you off to buying a 1911.
4. Up is safe, down to fire.
5. The safety can be corrected. Sometimes as easy as getting a different style holster. Other times it takes some hand fitting by a gunsmith. Usually they are to wide imo. Sometimes its a plunger problem. Maybe even a sloppy fit to the sear from the factory.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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