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1911 safety

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i have read in Nov/Dec 2010 "American Handgunner" magazine that the single side thumb safety can be accidentally knocked off safety. i have questions.


1. What exactly does that side safety disengage/block/ stop etc.?
2. How does one accidentally knock this off?
3. Is this even a real issue, or is it just something to deter 1911 purchases?
4. How does that safety work? (Do you push it up to fire, or down to fire?)
5. How can this issue be nullified?
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I carry a compact 1911 everyday that I can for the past few months that I've had my permit. It has an ambi safety. Never once unholstered at the end of the day to find the safety off and I routinely check throughout the day cuz I'm paranoid. It rides in a milt sparks vm2 holster. The holster has a detent in it for the left side thumb safety. I've tried to flip the safety off with it in the holster just to see if it was possible(unloaded of course). And without feeling like I was close to breaking the safety off it was extremely difficult. With my gun/holster combo I'm not too worried about it.
Yeah on the vm2 I wouldn't holster my pistol without the safety in the on position due to there not being a detent for it to be off and holstered. Just goes to show you that is how the 1911 is meant to be carried. A good belt to keep the gun high and tight to the body helps too cuz Im a big guy and bump into EVERYTHING...ask my pocket knives....I have to keep extra clips on hand
I think mr Doug was talking about the guy carrying it without a holster
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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