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1911 - So Simple Maybe I Can Do it!!

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Read on another thread about a guy who started hosting 1911 build classes. He took Caspian frames, bought all the parts ahead of time, and had enough machining stations that he brought in 8 or 10 students IIRC, and they actually built and fitted their guns themselves. At the end, they understood in great detail how to work on that or any other 1911, and the hows and whys of the platform. I want to say the class cost around $1,500.00, which ain't bad considering what you get. Think it took a week, and was maybe in Arkansas??

I've wanted to break down the frame of one of my 1911's for a long time, but haven't had the stones yet. Maybe one day I'll be at a class that has an extended break, and someone will have pity on an old grunt...
Doug, educate me! What is a "wad gun"? What is this rib you speak of, on a 1911? Hardball?

Me siento estúpida!!
That area around the sear, etc. is what's of concern to me. Especially since I have 3 Kimbers, and 2 of them have that Swartz safety thingamabob. I definitely am willing to try it, might do so with the RIA first, then proceed if that one isn't jacked up.
Well, got my gumption up tonight, and did it! Checks out okay!!
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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