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1911 - So Simple Maybe I Can Do it!!

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I want to build one, but Im am going to tkae some classes first. I will probably build mine from fusion firearms parts.
caspian and fusion are my favorites, and then buy nicer parts alsewere like bomar sights, etc.
A man that can fit a 1911 slide to frame with glass like smoothness is an artist, but acc-u-rails will make a dream out of a 1911 as well. Then if the gun ever wears out...you just replace the rails. I though about bullseye, but didnt know there were any matches close. My mentor/coach is a 6 time distinguished badge winner and it amazing at bullseye. I rather 2 hands on the gun, but one works for accuracy as well. It just slows down follow up shots unless you have a forearm like eddybo or Mr. Bowser.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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