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Anyone local ever built a 1919 from a kit gun? I bought a .308 NATO kit from Sarco. Complete minus right side plate (RSP) and rivets. The Sarco kits have good reviews at the 1919 forum and it was the only one available I could find. I called Sarco and a nice lady transferred me to "the back" where a friendly fella confirmed that the kits were in stock and complete minus RSP and rivets. So, to say the least, I pulled the trigger on one.

Right now Im trying to figure what RSP to use. If I get an 80% plate I dont ever need to serialize it or transfer it through an FFL. If I use a 100% RSP its already engraved and drilled but I'd have to x-fer it through an FFL correct?

So far Ive got a general idea of what the build consist of. Ive got a bucking bar and a good shop press. Ive got a decent drill press with a milling vise also. Should be good there. I also am capable of blasting and parking the build when its complete, but I was wondering if something like KG Gun Kote would be a better choice. I watched the "Sons of Guns" M2 build they did and they "painted" the weapon with something like KG and it looked real good. From a purist standpoint that would be a sin though.

So.....anyone ever built one before?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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