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It’s HOT to be bluing guns in Mississippi in June!
Wood Vehicle Table Rolling Hardwood

Blue Window Wood Gas Automotive tire

Floor Flooring Wood Art Glass

Tradesman Workwear Wood Power tool Drill

Brown Wood Two-way radio Gun barrel Gun accessory

Electrical wiring Line Pliers Gas Electrical supply

Wood Hand tool Air gun Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies Shotgun

Light Wood Trigger Air gun Material property

Light Jig grinder Milling Fluid Drilling

Wood Air gun Trigger Material property Gun barrel

1953 Browning A5, Light Twelve, solid rib Barrel. Came in for a full re-blue, customer advised there were no function problems, but it has not been shot for an extended period of time. Fully disassembled, sonic cleaned, pre-boiled, media blasted, de-greased. Then slow rust blued with Brownells Classic Rust Blue, boiling & carding after every cycle. Finished off with two cycles of DicropanT4 accelerated rust blue and oil soaked for 24 hours. Due to its age, I did advise the customer to let me change out a few parts that were suspect. New Action Spring, Trigger Spring, Magazine Tube Spring and Recoil Spring. For any full re-blue, I put in a new A5 Screw Kit. The Carrier Screws, Front & Rear Trigger Plate Screws all have to have the indent for the Locking Screws milled out with a 3/16” or 1/4” End Mill Bit. Test fired, it’s good to go.

Vance Moore

Whynot Gunsmith Shop

Meridian, Mississippi

Facebook: Whynot Gunsmith Shop

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Let's go shoot some, we dont want to wound anything.
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Big improvement . The bolt looks better original too.
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