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1971 Browning A5, Light Twelve. Had this shotgun in the shop a good while back for normal cleaning and maintenance. Customer brought it back in with no mechanical or functioning problems. But, the Stock was moving on the gun. As I suspected, the wood in the Stock Tang Screw hole had become elongated and oval, it didn’t have this problem on its original visit. After taking some measurements, the Stock was sliding approximately .07” out of place.

I came up with two possible fixes, putting a wood dowel inside the rear of the Stock to push the Action Spring Tube forward. But, I was afraid over time it would compress and disintegrate, leaving the customer with the same problem, or shimming the hole. The most economical fix I could come up with was to put a steel shim in the front of the hole. I cut a piece of steel tubing to .86” in length, and split it with a Cutoff Wheel. Then did some filing, cutting and fitting. Solved the problem. Saved him the cost of a replacement Stock.
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