For Sale 1982 Chevrolet C10

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    Up for sale is my 1982 Silverado c10 with 24v 5.9 cummins with 47rh dodge transmission and 3.08 10 bolt rear differential.
    The cummins engine is fuel by a VE mechanical injection pump from a 1989/1991 era dodge 3/4 and 1 ton truck. It was remaned about 2years ago and has a 3800 rpm governor spring installed along with an aftermarket fuel pin.
    The injection pump is supplied fuel by FASS brand electric fuel pump and bypass regulator,filtered by an oversized factory style filter. No hard to find fuel filters,can be found anywhere that sells wix filters. Fuel is held by a 75gal transfer tank in the bed and the fuel level is read and sent to the gauge in the dash.

    The turbo is a 62/65/12 Holset HX40 variant that is 3/4months old. I opened up the 12cm exhaust housing from an hx35 off of a 12v cummins p pump engine. It will spoil pretty quickly.
    Autometer tachometer,pyrometer,boost,fuel psi and trans temp are all functional. Nice to know what's going on with your engine and aids in diagnosis of any issues.

    The transmission is a 47rh from a 1994/95 era dodge. It is built with high energy clutches,transgo TFOD diesel shift kit,Kevlar bands,and billet converter.

    The truck has cold a/c. It will throw ice cubes at you in 90* ambient temps. Nice to have once the work day is through and you have a long ride back to the house.

    The brakes were redone about 12,000 miles ago and have lots of service left to them.

    The tires are still in great condition. They've been on for about a year and half,close to 10/12k miles on them. Lots of life left.

    The bad

    The truck has a shake in the drive line,I believe I've located it at the differential yoke. It's letting the rear joint slide to one side,making the driveshaft act like it's out of balance. I have a yoke and pinion seal on order. Should have it fixed up this week.

    The paint is in rough shape. It was my first paint job and lots of mistakes are prevalent in it. The paint was Nason brand and come to find out....not the best brand. Hind sight is 20/ I know.
    Being a Chevy of this age....rust was an issue when I started the project and is an issue still. In the five years I've owned it,7 places are coming back. They will need to be dealt with.
    I will include pictures of the areas

    As for the running of the engine. There are actually no running issues with the truck,there is however power transfer issues between the engine and trans by way of a loose converter. It needs another one,I have website links to good ones for around 450/500$. With one installed the fuel can actually be turned back up on the injection pump and the engines true power potential will shine. I've backed off the fuel as power is actually being lost at full fuel potential and does nothing but create heat.
    At one time I wanted rubber engine mounts to absorb some of the engine vibs....this turned out to be a mistake. The engine will crush the aftermarket Chevy mounts. I have installed a urethane mount on the passenger side (it sees the most abuse) and have the one for the drivers. I've not had time to install it. It's simple to do and requires no removal of the engine.
    The rearend is a 10bolt with gm govlock limited slip. Its ratio is 3:08. This may or may not be a negative to you,it was not to me as the high gear ratio leads to great mileage and the engine has enough torque to overcome its inherently poor take off characteristics.
    The locker within like to lock in at odd of the hated aspects of this style system. Included is another unit to replace it,if you so desire.

    The interior is in ok shape. It was never meant to be a show truck,it was meant to be daily driver/work truck....with a level of cool factor thrown in. The seat needs attention and the floor mat is rough. The dash pad has cracks and the door panels,while intact,have some sort of peeling paint coming off of them. The interior is what it is.

    I am selling this truck as a project and for the value of it in pieces. I'm not figuring in time and money of assembling it. Just its value of its parts.

    The engine is worth 3000$
    The trans is worth 1000$
    And the truck as a roller is worth 800/1000$

    Included in this sale is
    Core 24valve engine
    Extra hx and hx35 turbos
    One set of 7x14 injectors (race only would be my opinion)
    Extra mirrors
    Extra interior door panels,trim,window regulators,hood,fenders,inner fenders....possibly other stuff

    I'll take 4500 as is and am pretty firm on that. You can't buy the parts to build this for that. Much less the extra stuff included.

    I will leave this here only for two weeks before listing it on Craigslist. Once there it will go up 1500$ to combat the haggling
    Thank you for looking
    IMG_4685.JPG IMG_4686.JPG IMG_4687.JPG IMG_4688.JPG IMG_4689.JPG IMG_4690.JPG IMG_4691.JPG IMG_4692.JPG IMG_4693.JPG
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    Really cool build good luck with sale
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    Thank you,on both accounts. I am secretly hoping one of the msgo family will buy it.
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    Getting time for a Craigslist listing.
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    Gone gone gone. Left my possession today at lunch.
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    I'm happy if you're happy
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    Bitter sweet. Sometimes you have to give to get. By doing this I'm able to fix my new (to me) Duramax truck.
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